Building a Garage or Garden Suite

Garage and Garden Suites are addition dwellings on a residential property that are self-contained with a kitchen, bathroom facilities and a sleeping space all separate from the main dwelling. Garage and Garden Suites can be either located above or to the side of a detached garage.

There are many benefits to having a garage or garden suite built on your property. Aurora Home Design & Drafting is Edmonton’s largest garage and garden suite design firm. They share the advantages of these secondary dwellings:

Benefits of a Garage or Garden Suite

You’ll get additional revenue and a great return on investment.

If you live in a desirable or central neighbourhood, you will have no trouble attracting tenants for your secondary suite. Perhaps you’re building it with potential tenants in mind. The revenue you receive from leasing the suite can go towards the initial cost of the suite, your mortgage and other expenses. Not only will you be earning more income to pay living expenses, you will also increase your property’s resale value.

You’ll provide affordable housing while keeping your community vibrant.

In order to reduce urban sprawl and promote healthier communities in mature areas, the city has promoted their  “The Way We Grow” policy in support of garden and garage suites.  This allows established neighbourhoods to continue to thrive and gives people access to schools, shops, recreation centres and other infrastructure that already exists – instead of building brand new facilities and infrastructure in the far reaches of suburbia. It also allows people to live in these nicer, often more central, neighbourhoods while keeping within their budget.

A garden or garage suite can accommodate family and friends.

Some homeowners choose to build a garden or garage suite to accommodate extended family members like a parent or grandparent. This is a good option if your family member might require assistance with a few things or want to live close, but still wishes to obtain their independence. Since the suites are detached from the home, it allows family members to be nearby while maintaining privacy for both the suite and the main-home dwellers.

Building your garden or garage suite.

Building a garage or garden suite is an exciting idea, but a large undertaking. That is why you want to hire a professional like Aurora Home Design & Drafting to help with the initial planning and design before having it built by home builder or general contractor. They already have over 30 stock garden suite plans to draw from and work with the City of Edmonton regulations to ensure your design is compliant with bylaws to get your project approved.

Already have something in mind? Aurora Home Design & Drafting can take your ideas and create a custom design for your garage or garden suite that will best suit your needs and your lot.

Get started today! Contact Aurora Home Design & Drafting!



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