Building a Laneway House

A laneway house is a detached house built on pre-existing property. If you’re looking for a source of secondary income, or have extra space on your property, a laneway house may be worth looking into. Street Level Contracting in Langley has the know-how to help you build a laneway house, and offer some tips on what to consider. 


Building a second home on your property requires certain permits. You’ll have to ensure that property lines, bylaws, zoning, and city guidelines are all followed. A contractor can help you acquire these permits, ensuring that your new plan for a laneway house is up to code before you begin building. 


Your laneway house will need its own sources of power, electricity, water, gas, and sewer. Similar to the permits, you’ll have to talk to someone from the City to get approved for these utilities. Once approved, a contractor can get the necessary services connected to your laneway house, and keep your new tenants comfortable with every utility they need. 

Build to accommodate a range of occupants 

When building a laneway house, it’s good to keep in mind who will be living in the house. If you’re looking to use the laneway home for family, you’ll want to ensure it accommodates them. Aging parents living in the home might require more accessibility, for example. Ensure there are enough bedrooms and living spaces to accommodate its new occupants!

If you’re looking to build the house for a tenant, you’ll want a minimum of two bedrooms. That way it can work for a single-tenant or a family. You’ll also want to make sure there are other necessary accommodations for potential tenants. For example, additional parking space and even their own outdoor space. Street Level Contracting can help you design and plan a laneway home that will best meet your and future tenant’s needs. 

Prioritizing function

In your laneway house, it’s a good idea to prioritize the functionality of different home features. That way, you can save some money, and accommodate smaller spaces in the house. This could look like finding unique ways to incorporate storage solutions, making smaller rooms more functional, and choosing long-lasting, durable materials. 

Home Builders in Langley

Street Level Contracting is a family-owned and operated company. Doug Street has well over thirty years of local construction and renovation experience. Their team of experts believes in a very hands-on approach to each and every project. Taking pride in all jobs, Street Level Contracting will give you the “level” of expertise and peace of mind that you deserve.

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