Building a Pergola or Arbor

Attached pergola built by Bright Habitats

Creating livable spaces in your backyard can enhance your personal enjoyment of your home and increase property value. A deck addition or shaded areas for relaxing, socializing and dining created by a pergola can turn a regular backyard into a totally functioning living space.

Bright Habitats in Edmonton offers backyard enhancements including composite decks, pergolas and arbors. They share more information:

What’s the difference between a pergola and arbor?

A Google search for either of these things can still come up with some confusing results. People use the words interchangeably, but they are two different structures. Both are found in outdoor spaces like gardens and patios, and both are typically made of wood. They can have lattice down the sides or have no sides at all. Homeowners can decorate both structures with vines and plants or leave them as bare, natural wood. They do have things in common, but they are different things and serve different functions.


A pergola are large wooden structures that usually have four support beams and sides that are completely open. Typically, the roof is made up of cross beams, but sometimes lattice is installed to provide more shade. Pergola’s are used to create a focal, gathering place that is shaded, but still very much outdoors. Homeowners can add features to their pergola such as a privacy shade on one side, lattice walls, have them free standing in the yard or attached to a building or deck.


Arbors serve a different purpose. They are smaller, almost like archways, that are placed on paths and at entrances. Arbors are most commonly used to distinguish the entry way to a yard or garden, or a specific area of a yard. Arbors are not meant to mark a gathering place, like pergolas. They are meant for people to walk through them. They can have plants and vines growing on them, decorative lattice or nothing extra at all. View these unique arbor ideas.

Adding a pergola and arbor to your backyard design.

These structures can turn a regular yard into a private oasis. Bright Habitats can build a beautiful pergola over your patio or deck, to create that ideal backyard gathering place. An arbor can be built and installed leading into the yard or standing entry to your flower or vegetable garden. If you don’t have a deck already, they can design and install a beautiful deck addition (even with a pergola on it) that will give you extra space for outdoor living while adding value to your home.

Spring will be here before you know it. Contact Bright Habitats today!


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