Building a Second Floor Addition

Building a second story to your home is a good option if you want to gain a sizeable amount of living space without having to move away from the home and neighbourhood you love. Use your second floor addition for additional bedrooms, home office, a family or rec room or develop the master suite of your dreams.

carpenters constructing a dormer

Here are some key things to consider with a second floor addition:

Different types of second floor additions:

Bungalow: You can build an addition of any size over your existing bungalow. That means you can have a second story that is the same square footage of your entire house or choose to use a portion of that space for your second level addition. The stairway can generally be built over the existing stairs that lead to your basement or in the living room or bedroom. Experienced Edmonton General Contractors can help you determine if a second story addition is possible for your home.

Split level: Depending on your layout, you can usually build an additional level over one half of your split level home. They stairway can be an extension of the existing stairway that already leads to the home’s upper level.

Over an attached garage: Many brand new homes are built with a ‘bonus room’ above the attached garage. You have the same with your older home with a second level addition. You can access your addition through a new staircase or through an entrance coming from the existing second floor.

Advantages of a second level addition

– You can literally double your square footage in a short period of time.

– A second floor will not effect the overall footprint of your property

– In most cases, there is little structural and/or foundation work or costs involve

– Your second level addition can be built anytime of year but preferably in months with less precipitation.

– Main bathrooms and ensuite bathrooms can be built into the design

– Less mess and disruption to the homeowner compared to standard home additions

Learn how an extra story will change your house and its systems to avoid headaches and extra costs down the road, and check out some beautiful examples, in this article from Houzz “Movin’on Up: What to Consider with a Second Story Addition”

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