Building a Wine Room


As a wine connoisseur you are passionate about your wine collection. Building a proper wine room in your home will ensure your investment is protected, give you a space to showcase your wine and provide easy access when the occasion comes to enjoy a bottle.

A wine cellar designer can help you plan, design and build a wine room in your home that is as unique as your collection. Gone are the days of dark and damp subterranean wine cellars. When using climate-controlled storage solutions you can have your wine room built just about anywhere in your home, in your basement, living/dining area, spare bedroom, under the stairs or even in a spare closet! They will work with you to create a custom wine room that suits your personal design style and budget.

Designing Your Wine Room

Whether you are building a new home or doing a renovation that includes a wine room, a wine cellar designer will assess your space, review your desires, show you examples of other projects and discuss your budget and timeline.

From there, they will brainstorm design options with you using photographs, sketches and material samples. They will present you with several possibilities regarding wine racking, climate control, walls, doors/windows and lighting, while keeping your budget in mind.

Once the design is laid out, you will receive a rough estimate for the total cost of your new wine room. You may choose to do some of the work yourself or hire an outside contractor to do some or all of the construction.

Next step will be CAD drawings in floorplan and elevation views and a firm quote for materials and construction to be performed. There is a separate fee for the CAD drawings, but it will be credited to your project once it is signed off on.

Then all the materials will be ordered, trades scheduled and the construction of your new wine room can begin!

Building Your Wine Room

There are key components to consider before the construction of your wine room, which should be specified and installed by professional wine cellar designers and builders in Calgary.

Climate control systems: Proper temperature and humidity are very important when you plan to age your wine. Find a dealer and distributer of several types of wine room cooling and humidification systems.

Insulation: Quality insulation and vapour barrier will ensure that your cooling system isn’t strained and is operating at peak efficiency. Insulation values of at least R-12 for the walls and R-24 for the ceiling are recommended. The wine room door should be of exterior grade and properly sealed.

Materials: The construction materials used will depend on the design of your wine room and the existing building construction. Material choices can include stone, metal, glass, wood or reclaimed materials.

Racking: The choice for wine racking materials are limited only by your imagination! A professional contractor can recommend the ideal style and configuration for your space, using modular racking systems, custom racking or a combination of the two.



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