Building an Outdoor Kitchen

You’ve always loved to barbeque for your family and friends in the backyard. What if you could greatly enhance your yard and transform it into an incredible space for outdoor cooking, dining and entertaining? IntelliSight Handymen offers professional handyman services in Calgary and have some great ideas for developing the outdoor space of your dreams.

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Build for durability:

Since this custom kitchen is going to be outdoors and exposed to the elements, it’s important to use building materials that will ensure it can withstand the weather. For example, using natural stone around your counter and barbeque area will ensure it will last through all seasons in Calgary. Alternatively, using stone veneer will give the natural and beautiful look of real stone, without the expensive price tag for real stone or any need to regularly re-seal it. Check out this stone veneer outdoor kitchen area in “How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen” on This Old House. For every aspect of your outdoor kitchen project, IntelliSight Handymen will help you choose materials that will be durable, long-lasting and will best suit your specific needs.

Space to store cooking and dining supplies:

An outdoor kitchen is more than just a barbeque on a patio. It is a place you can prepare full meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for supplies. Need a pair of tongs or a platter to put your perfectly barbequed steaks? No problem! Your outdoor kitchen will be designed with custom-built storage for those items so you can more efficiently prepare those delicious backyard meals.

Adding special features to your outdoor kitchen:

Let’s get creative! Your outdoor kitchen could have cool features like an outdoor pizza oven, beverage coolers, outdoor sinks, side smokers and even an outdoor beer tap! You’ll have no problem finding friends to come enjoy your new, incredible outdoor space. Find more creative ideas for your outdoor kitchen on Pinterest.

Areas for dining, entertaining and spending time with family:

One of the best parts of having an outdoor kitchen, is that you can be with your family or guests while you are cooking and they are enjoying the great outdoors! IntelliSight Handymen will help create a backyard design that could include a patio or sitting area, custom made furniture including an outdoor dining table or even a beautiful new deck or gazebo for your yard. Consider installing an outdoor gas fireplace or old fashioned campfire for socializing after dinner, or get cozy beneath a covered deck or patio. Learn more about the Calgary handyman services they offer.

Calgary Handyman Services

IntelliSight Handymen can turn your backyard kitchen dreams into a reality! They offer a full-range of home improvement, maintenance and repair services for both outside and inside your home.  Hiring professional handyman services is a cost-effective way to tackle those home improvement and maintenance tasks.

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