Building and renovating with energy efficiency in mind

Energy-efficient homes are the wave of the future. More homeowners strive to create sustainable living spaces, and the right home builder can help.

Grande Pacific Homes in Vancouver are custom home builders and renovators that offer passive home building for a sustainable future. Read more about building and renovating with energy efficiency in mind.

EnerPhit passive home building

Passive homes are energy-efficient homes with low carbon output. As a result, they promote a more healthy and sustainable environment, and the building process follows a rigorous standard for energy efficiency.

Grande Pacific Homes builds homes with super insulation, airtightness, advanced window technology, and following electrical appliances and lighting specifications. They’re the first EnerPhit Designated Passive Home Builder in Canada and can create a low-energy home for you and your family.

Energy-efficient home renovations

A passive home builder can use similar designs, methods, and materials for renovations. You don’t have to build a new home to achieve the passive home standard. EnerPhit refits, building envelope upgrades, and entire interior remodels can improve your home’s function, aesthetics, value, and energy efficiency.

Grand Pacific Homes has specific experience working on heritage homes in Vancouver. Close attention to detail, beautiful craftsmanship and energy-efficient design have provided incredible renovations and restorations for their clients. So, you can keep your beloved, classic home while retrofitting it for low energy consumption. They go above and beyond the Canadian Construction Code Standard because it’s good for the environment and better for you.

What are the benefits of passive building and renovation?

Passive design will reduce energy bills and their costs. For example, statistics show that a passive home can use up to 90% less energy to heat and cool the house. That is an incredible reduction of energy use!

You’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout your home’s systems, including heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation. In addition, the innovative passive design will improve home comfort and value and give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.

In addition, the passive housing market drives economies and innovation. It drives the need for energy-efficient products and makes them available on the market. Interest in investing in comfort and efficiency is increasing, and it helps bring us closer to a net-zero future.

Home Builders in Vancouver

Grande Pacific Homes offers home building and renovation services that run smoothly, easily and provide a fantastic end-product. They’ll help you realize the full potential of your new construction or renovation project. Committed to hard work, honesty, innovation, and energy efficiency, they’ll go above and beyond on your project. Your peace of mind is guaranteed when you work with Grande Pacific Homes.

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