When do you need building envelope repair?

Building envelope refers to all components of a home or commercial building that separate the inside from the outside. For example, your home’s building envelope would be the roof, exterior walls, foundation, windows and doors. Because your building envelope is essential to protecting your home or business, keeping it in excellent shape is vital.

AMJ Construction is a general contracting company in Vancouver that offers construction services, including building envelope repairs. They share more:

What is the function of the building envelope?

Your home’s exterior components should protect the building from hot, cold, damp, and wet weather. If moisture, dust, or hot or cold air, leaks inside the walls or attic, it can lead to a range of problems. Moisture especially can be damaging by leading to rot, decay, mildew, or mould. Water damage is evasive and expensive to fix. If you suspect you need repairs, contact AMJ Construction immediately. The longer you wait, the more extensive and costly the damage can become.

Building envelop maintenance is key

You can prevent significant issues with regular maintenance and building envelop repair in Vancouver. AMJ Construction offers full-scale inspections of residential and commercial buildings. These inspections will look for weaknesses or failures in the building envelope to catch them early before becoming a more costly problem.

When you find damage early, immediate home repairs in Vancouver will be less costly and invasive to your home. AMJ Construction can also help you determine if any warranties on components of your home, like the roof or siding, are still in effect.

What are signs there is a problem?

Visible damage is the obvious sign you need building envelope repair in Vancouver. If the roof, siding, windows or doors are noticeably damaged, contact AMJ Construction right away. Signs of leaks in the building envelope include water stains on the ceiling or walls, peeling paint, mould or mildew, or musty smells in certain rooms.

Significant drafts from windows and doors mean they’re damaged or need resealing. Also, a substantial increase in heating and cooling bills can indicate an issue with your building envelope. If you notice water pouring off your roof when it rains and pooling around the house, you likely need eavestrough and downspout repair. Read more signs your home could have an issue.

Call in the pros!

If you suspect you have issues with your residential or commercial building, don’t wait. Contact AMJ Construction for a comprehensive inspection. They’ll determine if repairs are required and put together a scheduled maintenance program to help prevent future problems.

Contact AMJ Construction today!


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