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Cabinet Painting Calgary

Cabinet painting, or cabinet refinishing, is becoming a popular DIY project for design-savvy homeowners. Not only is this cost-effective home makeover doable for patient DIYers, it can completely change the aesthetics of your kitchen and increase resale value. With so many colours and finishes to choose from, where do you start?

Here are some ideas for cabinet refinishing:

Keep it neutral.

If you’re feeling a little shy of colour, keep things light and natural. Most kitchens look great in light earthy tones, beiges and whites. It creates a clean and welcoming atmosphere and can make a smaller kitchen feel larger. Plus, these neutral hues go with anything, so you can go crazy with bold accents like backsplash and home décor.

When comes to cabinet painting or painting your house in general, neutral colours are always a smart idea if you plan on selling your home. You want to give buyers a clean and light canvas so they can visualize themselves in the home and do not want to scare them off with your bold colour tastes.

Bright, bold and beautiful.

Colour is making a major comeback into the kitchen. Homeowners are adding energy and vibrance into the space by painting the cabinets a bright colour, instead of the usual wood tones, black or white. Popular colours are golden yellow, emerald or turquoise. If you want to take this route, be careful that your cabinet colours don’t clash with your wall colour. It can make the space feel too hectic and even too dark. If you go bold with cabinet painting, consider a light, neutral tone for the walls. Check out these colour ideas for painting kitchen cabinets.

Two toned kitchen cabinets.

Having two different colours, typically one for the top cabinets and a different for the bottom, is a big trend in kitchen renovations. Whether you paint your cabinets yourself or hire a company that offers Cabinet painting. Calgary homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to dual-colour kitchen cabinets. Trending these days are white on top and black on the bottom or a bold colour on the bottom and a neutral on top. If you feel nervous about multiple colours, consider a neutral tone for your wall cabinets both top and bottom and a bold colour for you island to add that splash of colour.

Wide open shelving on top.

If you can keep your dishes stacked neatly, open shelving in place of upper cabinets is a trendy way to give your kitchen that two-toned appearance. Paint the wall behind the shelves to add a splash of colour and to better showcase your finest dinnerware or home décor on the shelves. For the bottom cabinets, choose a neutral colour that goes well with the colour behind the shelving up top. If neatness is not your thing, this style can make your kitchen look messy in a flash, so make sure you’re committed to keeping the shelves tidy.

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