Cabinet Painting or Spray Cabinet Painting?

If you were to search for pictures of kitchen painting on Pinterest right now, chances are you will come up with a lot of amazing finished work. They make it look so easy, it’s almost like you just add two coats of paint and get a new kitchen in no time. In between the starting process and end product, though, there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong. Whether you are looking to add a new coat to your kitchen cabinet, or spice up your bathroom cabinet, Alberta Colour Painting in Calgary shares the top cabinet painting mistakes you should avoid.

Don’t Rush the Job

The very first mistake people make is in the timing they put on the job. Giving your cabinet a fresh outlook is not a day’s job, neither is it something you should plan two days for. Rather than looking at it as just a weekend product, schedule about 4 – 7 days for the execution of the overall project.

Remove All the Grease

This is especially useful advice if you are working on a kitchen cabinet. No matter how clean you keep your space, you need to know that dirt is smarter than basic cleaning procedures.

For all interior painting projects, before applying the first coat, make sure you have given everything a good clean down. The best way to ensure you are doing it right is by using a grease remover which takes away all the excess oil and dirt which could have been trapped on the surface material.

Take Away Doors and Drawers

It is usually time-saving to just leave the doors and drawers in when painting. After all, you can even paint all the hinges and every other part of the cabinet setup with the same brush stroke. Guess what is not as appealing? The paint is starting to chip off after a month (or less, if you’re not lucky enough). The paint on the hinges will soon start to crack and you would have to go through another intensive sanding and soaking process to get everything evened out again. You could simply save more time by taking them out in the first place. And remember, when you remove your cabinet doors you should tape every edge where the doors were hanging so a perfect line is maintained on that edge and thus the inside of your cabinets look neat. Also if you are not painting your walls make sure you tape all the areas where your cabinets meet the walls. And don’t forget about your backsplash, stove, fridge, furniture, they all need to be protected from dust and paint.

Spray Cabinet Painting

Now, if you really want your kitchen cabinets to look amazing, with a professional spray finish, whether you go from oak to any colour you wish, then you should hire a professional! And remember this might seem a bit costly but it will make your kitchen looks like a modern kitchen one that you can feel proud to show to your friends and family.

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