Cabinet refinishing colours to give your kitchen a new feel  

Sometimes, instead of a full renovation, a new coat of paint is all you need to give a room a fresh new feel. When it comes to kitchens in particular, even though full renovations are highly popular, it may just be your cabinets that need a new look. If your cabinets are still in good shape, but the paint is ageing them, don’t replace the whole thing—just add a new colour!

Sandman Painting Limited in Winnipeg are both painting and cabinet refinishing experts. They share some new colour choices for your kitchen cabinets:

All-white cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are one of those ageless and elegant choices that will always be on the list for updating your kitchen’s design. With all-white kitchen cabinets, it also gives a lot more creative freedom for choosing complimenting colours. Either go for bold colours for a modern theme or pairing with dark colours like blacks create a sleek, feature kitchen. Alternatively, you could keep it classic with just white paint paired against silver appliances. White cabinets also pair very well with glass; so if your cabinets have glass facings, it’ll instantly add elegance to the room.

Shades of grey

If all white isn’t your thing, then consider instead painting your cabinets in grey. While grey is usually associated with being dull or simply a complimentary colour, just the right amount can transform a room. As a feature focus, such as on cabinets, grey works to add a blend of luxury and relaxation in the kitchen.

Better yet, there are many different shades of grey that you can work with. A soft dove will create a light airy kitchen, which works well for a modern look. Otherwise, opting for a stronger, darker grey, such as steel or charcoal, can do wonders to create a traditional yet bold kitchen. 

Bright splashes 

If done right, then opting for bright colours can actually work wonders on your kitchen cabinets. The key, of course, is to keep in mind what the rest of your kitchen looks like. If your appliances and countertops are darker, then work with bold, bright shades. A splash of bright orange or red will be nicely balanced by the darker shades.

If you have brighter appliances and countertops though, then stick to bright yet pale colours. A light purple or even a soft turquoise may be unexpected, but it can work. Just make sure you don’t combine too many colours or clash decors such as traditional with modern. Stick to one or the other. Get some inspiration for colourful kitchen cabinets with these pictures and ideas.

Staining wood cabinets 

When it comes to wood cabinets, either homeowners love them or they want to paint over them. If you fall into the former category, then there are plenty of staining options for your cabinets. Choosing the right stain colour is based on more than just personal taste, it’s also a matter of matching your kitchen design. Much like choosing the right, bright colours.

If you have a large kitchen and want an eye-catching look, then a dark brown stain will do just that. Darker colours are better suited to large spaces since in a small space it makes the room feel cramped and dreary. If you want something rustic, then go for a grey stain in a grey themed kitchen. Just don’t over-do the grey, otherwise, it creates a monotone space. Likewise, if you want a traditional kitchen, then either blonde or cherry red will do just that.

Cabinet Refinishing in Winnipeg

Sandman Painting Limited offers painting services for every part of your home. Whether you need painting done on your cabinets, inside, outdoors or for your entire home, they can do it all. They take away the hassle of painting, so their customers are left with only beautiful, stress-free results. They work in a timely and budget-friendly manner and offer guidance at every step of the way.

Contact them today to get an accurate estimate for your next painting project!

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