Can Edmonton homeowners use heat pumps to warm their homes in winter?

It’s no secret that Edmonton winters are cold. Every year, homeowners face the same challenge: keeping your home warm without causing your utility bills to skyrocket. If you have a new, energy-efficient home, you should consider using a heat pump to keep your house warm and toasty throughout the winter. Heat pumps are not dependent on a fuel source, making them a cost-effective and energy-efficient option for certain residencies.

A1 Heating & Cooling in Edmonton offers heat pump installation and maintenance. They share more information on heat pumps and if they are a viable option for your home.

Heat pumps do work in cold climates.

No matter how cold it gets, some heat is always in the air or sometimes in the ground. As a result, heat pumps are still a viable heating option, even in cold climates like Edmonton. Additionally, heat pumps function in the same way as air conditioners in warmer months. This makes them an excellent and popular option for heating and cooling your home throughout the year.

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps use a refrigeration system to heat and cool your home. Refrigerant moves through an indoor evaporator and outdoor condensing coil to transfer humidity. In winter, heat is pulled from the outdoor air and dispersed inside, warming your house.

Heat pumps work best when the exterior temperature is above freezing. But, of course, Edmonton winters get much colder than that! Fortunately, heat pumps can still work in sub-zero temperatures. First, however, your home must meet a few requirements.

For example, cold climate heat pumps are only efficient if your home is already extremely energy efficient. Your house should be a modern, airtight, and highly-efficient build, ideal with net zero renovations. You should also have a backup heater (such as an electric resistance heater) for when the temperatures get very low. This will help keep your home warm and cozy on particularly frigid days. Your heating costs are likely to rise as a result.

A1 Heating & Cooling can inspect your home and assess your situation. They might recommend some green home upgrades before installing a heat pump or suggest a different type of heating system that would best suit your home.

Greater energy-efficiency

Heat pumps are their own and are very energy efficient. In fact, heat pumps can operate at incredible energy efficiency but do require electricity to operate. This is why having an airtight home is essential, or you could end up consuming more electricity with a heat pump than with a natural gas furnace. However, in ideal conditions, a heat pump can drastically reduce consumption and boost energy efficiency. In addition, you can enjoy more significant savings if you’re switching from a propane or fuel oil system. A heat pump also reduces your carbon footprint.

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