Can I get an exterior renovation in the winter?

If you’ve been thinking about an exterior renovation project, you might be waiting until spring. However, exterior renovations are possible in the winter, and there are many benefits to doing them now.

Caveman Exteriors in Edmonton are siding contractors that offer year-round exterior renovations. They share reasons why you can and should renovate this winter:

If your home is exposed, it needs protection now

If you have damaged siding, eavestroughs, fascia or soffits, your home could be vulnerable to the elements. Any leaks or moisture penetration can lead to a score of issues. The constant freezing and thawing can cause more cracks and damage to your home’s exterior. In addition, any moisture that does get in can damage your ceiling, walls, attic insulation, and other parts of your home. If left too long, that can lead to mould or mildew, which is costly to remediate. These exterior renovations are possible in the winter, and Caveman Exteriors will ensure your exterior is protecting your home for this winter and years to come.

Reduce your energy costs

Your home’s exterior plays a significant role in your home’s energy efficiency. Updating your home’s exterior can quickly reduce energy transfer and heat loss. With natural gas prices on the rise, you’ll notice a difference in your energy bills. You want to make sure your home has good thermal performance! Plus, in the summer, it can help keep your home cool and reduce costs then too.

Get the job done faster

Because most people wait until spring and summer to replace their siding, the colder months are quiet for contractors. Because of this, Caveman Exteriors can often offer a quicker turnaround time for their exterior renovation services. Start by contacting them for an estimate on your project, and they’ll be able to get you in sooner than you think.

Enjoy your home in the spring

With the renovation taken care of this winter, you’ll can relax and enjoy your upgrade home come spring. In addition, it will feel less intrusive since you’re not spending that much time in the yard over the winter. Then when the warm weather arrives, you can sit outside and enjoy your modernized exterior.

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

Caveman Exteriors offers a range of year-round exterior renovation services to Edmonton and the surrounding areas. They specialize in vinyl and HardiePlank siding installations, updated fascia and soffit, trim, entryways, eavestroughs, and faux-stone upgrades. They’re a locally-owned company, run by two brothers, with over 20 years of siding experience. They want to help you achieve the best results for your home, so you smile every time you come up the driveway!

Get started on your exterior renovation this winter.

Contact Caveman Exteriors today!

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