Can I replace my siding in the winter?

Can you replace your siding in winter? Yes! If your siding is no longer protecting your home, you shouldn’t wait too long for a siding replacement or repair. Leaving it exposed to the elements can cause water damage and more expensive problems if you wait until spring.

Prism Exteriors Renos and Contracting in Calgary shares why you might want to install siding in the winter:

Get the work done on your schedule

As summer is typically the busy season for siding replacement, there’s usually less wait time in winter. This creates flexibility for your schedule or allows you to book right away if you need the work done sooner rather than later. If your siding is no longer doing it’s job and you need a repair or replacement pronto, siding contractors usually have a more flexible schedule in the cold season.

Winter might be better for your budget

Depending on the company and the siding you choose, you might spend less if you have the siding installed in the winter. Because it’s typically the slow season for contractors, you might find cheaper installation costs. Remember, always get a detailed quote from your siding contractor, so you understand the exact costs. You can also get some general information about how much siding can cost.

Don’t worry about the effects on your yard

In the winter, frozen and snow-covered flower beds are less susceptible to damage. While crews are working around your house, you can rest easy knowing your landscaping will be okay. While the team at Prism Exteriors is extremely careful around landscaping, the winter provides that extra layer of protection as the plants are dormant for the season.

Avoid the summer heat affecting your siding

Heat causes things to expand, and this can cause issues if installation isn’t done by a seasoned professional. For example, changing weather can damage vinyl siding when you install it under too high temperatures, and nail it in place too tightly. When the colder temperatures come along in the fall and winter, you might see buckling happen. This is why it’s so important to hire contractors who know what they’re doing.

Siding Contractors in Calgary

Prism Exteriors Renos and Contracting offer a range of siding products and installation services in Calgary and surrounding areas. From stonework, cedar shakes to fibre cement siding or board and batten, you’ll get the home exterior you’ve always wanted. With over seventy years of experience in the construction industry, this family-run business works hard to ensure each job is done to its high standards.

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