Can you paint vinyl siding?

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Exterior painting season is soon arriving, and it’s time to start planning for your next project. Exterior painting/staining is an important aspect of home maintenance for curb appeal, but also to protect your surfaces. Regular exterior painting will preserve wood, stucco, siding, etc., and prevent damage that can lead to costly replacements. We will be going over an increasingly popular request, painting vinyl siding.

Did you know that you can restore your faded vinyl siding with paint? Yes, you can, for a fraction of the cost of replacing! However, this would not be a job that I would recommend for a DIY as it is finicky and has a lot of factors to ensure it adheres properly. Always trust professionals painters in Edmonton to do the job right. If done correctly, it can last for 10+ years as vinyl siding generally does not peel, just fades over a long period of time.


– Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe Line: Sherwin-Williams carries the following products in Vinyl-Safe:

– Resilience

– Duration

– Emerald

– SuperPaint

VinylSafe is a line of high-quality paints that are fade-resistant and highly adhesive, and specified to adhere to vinyl siding. In addition, they have their own colour formula and use their own tint, so colours are limited. An issue that can happen with painting vinyl siding is that using a colour with too much black pigment can result in excessive heat absorption from the sun and warp the siding. The VinylSafe line contains specially formulated colours that use other pigments than black to create colours. There is a wide variety of beige, taupe, blue, and greys. The limit is how dark of a grey, so charcoal grey wouldn’t work but a mid-tone or warmer grey is fine!


– Pressure wash all siding prior to application, use TSP in the pressure washer to remove oxidation/chalking.

– Mask off all soffits, windows, doors, etc. with paper/poly and tape.

– Full-Spray (One multi-directional coat, or two passes) using a Graco 490+ or equivalent, and a 414-417 or 514-517 Fine Finish Tip. I do not recommend brushing and rolling this type of siding. Trust the professional Edmonton painters for this project.

– Touch up as necessary, remove masking, clean up.


– Bungalow: $2500-3500 + GST

– Bi-level/Two-Story: $3500-4500 + GST

– Large Two or Three-story home: $4000-7500 + GST

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