Casement VS Sliding Windows

If you’ve decided to improve your home’s efficiency, curb appeal and resale value with a window replacement, you have some choices ahead of you. All Weather Windows in Calgary offers a variety of ENERGY STAR rated windows including casement, sliding and hung windows. Keep in mind that all three window options are energy efficient, but each have their pros and cons.

Casement Windows

A casement window is attached to it’s frame by hinges at one side and uses a crank method to open the window outward. Most casement windows are attached at the side.

Pros of Casement Windows

When they are cranked completely closed and locked, it provides a compression seal, making casement windows the best choice for energy efficiency and security.

They make opening windows in to reach places, like behind the kitchen sink, easier.

Since the window opens to the outside, the window catches the breeze and allows for better, natural ventilation for your home in the warmer months.

Since there are no dividers on the window, it gives better light and visibility.

Cons of Casement Windows

Operating the window improperly, like over-tightening the crank, can damage the window.

If damaged and not sealing tightly, the window can lose its energy efficiency.

Having the casement window open into a high traffic area, like a deck or patio, can be a hazard.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, commonly referred to as sliders, are windows that have sashes that slide in either direction to open or close. Sliders can open and close side-to-side or up-and-down. You can also have single sliders, where only one side of the window opens, or double, where both sides can slide open. Unlike cranking casement windows, sliders operate by remaining in the window frame at all times.

Pros of Sliding Windows:

Sliders can be removed from the window frame, making cleaning both sides of the glass much easier.

Sliders are the best option for very wide openings, providing ventilation and an unobstructed view out the window.

Cons of Sliding Windows:

Because they don’t have a compression seal, they cannot match the energy efficiency of a casement window.

Most sliding windows only open from one side, providing less ventilation than cranking windows.

Windows in Calgary

All Weather Windows Renovations specializes in the manufacture and installation of windows and entry doors. We offer highly energy-efficient windows and doors that:

• save you money by reducing your energy costs up to 12%.
• help keep your home comfortable all year-round.
• reduce outside noise, and, depending on the amount of humidity in your home, will have a lot less condensation in cold weather.
• make a real difference in protecting the environment.

All Weather Windows’ installers ensure professional installation:

• Five-year installation warranty.
• Comprehensive product warranty.
• Licensed, bonded, insured, WCB-Certified.
• Convenient year-round installation, even in winter!
• Knowledgeable staff ensures the job is done right.

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