Casement VS Sliding Windows

Improve your home’s efficiency, curb appeal, and resale value with a window replacement. If you’re ready to replace the windows, you have some choices ahead of you. Networx Windows, Doors, Exteriors in Vancouver offers a variety of ENERGY STAR rated windows. Window types include sliders, casement and awning, picture, bay, and bow windows.

In this post, you’ll learn more about casement and awning, and sliding windows.

Casement and Awning Windows

A casement or awning window is attached to its frame by hinges at one side. These window types use a crank method to open the window outward. Casement windows are attached on the side and awning windows are attached at the top.

Pros of casement and awning windows

When they are cranked completely closed and locked, it provides a compression seal. This seal makes casement windows the best choice for energy efficiency and security.

They make opening windows in hard-to-reach places, like behind the kitchen sink, easier.

Since the window opens to the outside, the window catches the breeze and allows for better, natural ventilation for your home. Awning windows can even stay open when it’s raining, with no water getting in the house.

Since there are no dividers on the window. This gives better light and visibility.

Casement and awning windows pair well with large front picture windows. This way, you have the option for airflow in the room.

Casement and awning windows are designed to naturally decrease security threats and prevent intruders.

Things to consider about casement and awning windows 

Operating the window improperly, like over-tightening the crank, can damage the window.

If damaged and not sealing tightly, the window can lose its energy efficiency.

Having the casement window open into a high traffic area, like a deck or patio, can be a hazard. People can walk right into the open windowpane!

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, commonly referred to as sliders, are windows that have sashes that slide in either direction to open or close. Sliders can open and close side-to-side or up-and-down. You can have single sliders, where only one side of the window opens. Double sliders will have both sides that can slide open. Unlike cranking casement windows, sliders operate by remaining in the window frame at all times. High-quality slider windows offer a well-insulated window at a reasonable price.

Pros of sliding windows

Sliders can be removed from the window frame, making cleaning both sides of the glass much easier. Just remove the pane and wash it on both sides.

Sliders are the best option for very wide openings, providing ventilation and an unobstructed view out the window.

They have an anti-theft locking system.

Things to consider about sliding windows

Because they don’t have a compression seal, they cannot match the energy efficiency of a casement window.

Most sliding windows only open from one side, providing less ventilation than cranking windows.

Doors and Windows in Vancouver

To view examples of window types, including the window types not mentioned here, visit Networx Window’s website. Here you will see images of windows, and find a detailed description of each window type. If you have questions, connect with them. They believe in educating customers so they can make the best decision for their home and specific needs.

They’ll listen to everything you have to say and give you the best advice possible. When choosing a window type, you must take into consideration your budget, home design, needs for efficiency, and lifestyle expectations. If you’re looking for trust and commitment, you’ll find it at Networx.

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