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Stone Solutions Inc. has an outstanding reputation for general contracting services in the Edmonton area. They believe in building strong relationships with their clients and providing a level [...]

There are a few considerations when choosing the right fence for your home. For example, you must consider the materials used, the style of the fence, and your [...]

Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area receive a great deal of rain each year. Even if it isn’t raining or snowing, the air still holds a lot of [...]

When choosing a contractor for your exterior renovations, you want to choose a trustworthy contractor. You also want to find a company with a reputation for outstanding work [...]

  Rubber paving emerged over the last few decades as an alternative to paving with concrete or asphalt. It can be used anywhere you usually use a concrete [...]

  Rubber roofing may not be the most common roof material in Edmonton homes. However, rubber roofing is gaining popularity in Edmonton and other Canadian cities. This is [...]

  The material you choose to clad your home in is essential. That cladding or siding protects your house from moisture and the everchanging elements. Plus, it will [...]

  Eavestroughs on a house are easily one of the most critical structures. A home could suffer serious damage without eavestroughs draining water from rain and melted snow [...]

  The type of siding that envelopes your house will dictate the entire exterior look. This is part of your home for all to see and the first [...]

Exterior home renovations come with many benefits. After all, you want your home to look great on the outside and ensure your home is protected from all elements. [...]