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The need for a new garage arises for many reasons. New home construction may require a garage building company, or it may be for a garage replacement. Just [...]

Homeowners will have many things to consider when thinking about a new garage. Beyond budget and timing, new garage construction requires the consideration of size, city code, and [...]

A new garage door replacement can provide homeowners with several significant benefits. First and foremost is the security of a functioning and high-quality garage door. Homeowners can rest [...]

When a garage door needs repair, it can cease its primary function of opening or closing. In some cases, garage door issues may cause immediate safety concerns. Damaged [...]

The Garage Pros has over 30 years of experience in garage building and exterior renovation and serves Winnipeg and Manitoba. They are proud to be a dedicated group [...]

A garage addition can be used for various purposes. To park vehicles, as storage, a workshop, and even as an additional living space on the property. No matter [...]

You can easily restore the look of concrete or cover it up with high-quality garage floor coatings. Concrete floor coatings come in various materials, styles, colours, and finishes. [...]

  There are many ways to restore concrete back to a new state. And when you restore concrete floors, you make them more resistant to hazards, damage, or [...]

  When it comes to garage door repair, many homeowners may be tempted to take the DIY route to save a few bucks. However, garage doors are complex [...]

  A garage door replacement can significantly improve curb appeal and function. In addition, a garage door replacement has one of the highest returns on investment compared to [...]