Home Automation

Smart Automation to Upgrade your Home

We've seen significant growth in the home automation industry in recent years. This growth has led to more affordable and accessible smart home features [...]

Upgrade to home automation in 2023

Home automation isn't only reserved for the rich and tech-savvy. Its technology is becoming more popular and more affordable amongst homeowners everywhere. [...]

Benefits of combined home automation and security

Home automation can improve your home's lifestyle, convenience, energy efficiency, and value. Often, home automation systems include home security [...]

How home automation and home security work together

Home automation adds luxury, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home. Home automation will also add value to your home, and it’s fun to use [...]

Integration and repairs on an older home automation system

Home automation can improve energy efficiency, convenience and lifestyle. With a touch of a button, you can control things like lighting, temperature, and [...]

The personal value of home automation

Home automation tends to be weighed and valued regarding its costs vs. value. While that is all relevant, there’s also the personal value and benefits of [...]

Discover Smart Home Automation

Home automation is all about living comfortably and saving time. A single computer controls your entire house, programmed exactly to how you need it to [...]

Home Automation and Lighting Control

Lighting control is a component of home automation. It is convenient, can enhance the ambiance of your home and help you reduce electricity consumption. [...]

Home automation offers security and convenience

Written by Citadel Domotics in Calgary. Imagine a light that dims to reduce electrical consumption because an outside sensor detected increased sunlight [...]

Questions to ask about home automation

Technological advances are ever on the move to make life easier, including a homeowner’s life. Home automation allows you to control things like lights, [...]