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Countertops play a big role in both kitchens and bathrooms and not just for aesthetics or value, but also day-to-day function. In the world of countertop [...]

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How and when to plant a tree  

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Best flooring options for a basement  

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Electrical Panel Upgrade Guide with Costs

As modern electrical needs and demands have increased, the same demand for higher and more reliable power. To meet modern electrical needs and ensure your [...]

Triple Pane or Double Pane Windows  

New windows may be a significant investment, but if your windows are old or damaged, it something you will have to do eventually. Replacing old, drafty [...]

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A house is a valuable investment, but one that needs the right care to maintain that worth. When your old roof needs replacing, you want a new material [...]

What is chalk paint?

Chalk paint has been making trends in the painting and DIY world over the past few years and for a good reason. If you've only recently heard about it [...]