Home Security

Benefits of combined home automation and security

Home automation can improve your home's lifestyle, convenience, energy efficiency, and value. Often, home automation systems include home security [...]

How home automation and home security work together

Home automation adds luxury, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home. Home automation will also add value to your home, and it’s fun to use [...]

Home security system features to consider for your home 

There are many ways to customize your home protection, from smart home security and alarm monitoring to damage prevention and life safety. Knowing all of [...]

Improve your home security with a camera system

Home security is an essential consideration for homeowners. Traditional alarm systems have made way for technological advances that involve the homeowner [...]

Protecting your Renovation

Blog written by Telsco Security Systems in Edmonton There are a lot of reasons to take on a renovation. It may be a necessity to repair damages, [...]

How to choose the right home security features for your home

Home security offers several different protection plans, features, and costs for every budget. It helps keep your home safer and offers greater peace of mind. [...]

Home automation offers security and convenience

Written by Citadel Domotics in Calgary. Imagine a light that dims to reduce electrical consumption because an outside sensor detected increased sunlight [...]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Going on Vacation

As winter break is nearing, many of us start planning those sun vacations. Whether you’re planning on getting away over the winter break or are [...]

Home security provides more than just intruder prevention  

Most of the time when you think of home security, what comes to mind is protection from intruders, installing cameras, or adding upgraded locks to doors. [...]

Enhance Your Home with Smart Home Tech

Smart home technology can make your day-to-day life more convenient and enjoyable. You don’t have to invest in a complete home automation system to add a [...]