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Do I need to remove my old insulation?

In some cases, contractors can add blow-in insulation over existing insulation in the attic. However, there are some instances where an insulation [...]

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Prevent ice dams this winter with an attic insulation upgrade

Ice dams can be a problem in Winnipeg but are common in older homes. When that ice builds up on the edge of your roof, it can cause significant damage to [...]

Why more homeowners are choosing spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation in Winnipeg is increasing in popularity for residential applications. It has an excellent R-value, acts as a vapour barrier, and [...]

Home insulation options that boost energy efficiency

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Is it time to upgrade your home’s insulation?

When a lot of older homes were built, energy was cheap, and energy efficiency and consumption just weren't a main concern. As a result, contractors used [...]

How new insulation improves home energy efficiency

Your home's insulation helps with many things. For example, soundproofing and fire-proofing. Insulation also helps with your home's temperature regulation. [...]

Key considerations for garage insulation

A garage addition provides extra space for storage, parking vehicles, or used as a shop or secondary suite. In addition, a new garage will add value to [...]

Why you should choose Weathershield cellulose insulation for your home

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What is passive fire protection, and why is it important?

  A house or building fire can be scary, dangerous, and costly. Things like a smoke detector, fire alarm system, and extinguishers are critical and are [...]