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Blog submitted by EnviroFog Solutions in Calgary. ‍ Why is there mould growth in my home? Mould is a common household issue in Alberta due to its cold [...]

EnviroFog Solutions can help protect your home and family from harmful mould, odour, viruses and bacteria. Their non-toxic, non-invasive mould remediation is an effective solution for homeowners. Their [...]

When you own an office space or a strata building, ensuring you have a commercial contractor on hand is very important. After all, it’s imperative that you take [...]

Blog post submitted by Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary Hazardous Material Testing for Asset Retirement Obligations of Buildings: Understanding the Process and Estimating the Cost When owning or managing [...]

Blog post submitted by Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary Mould can be found in all homes and buildings. It not only looks unsightly but can also cause health problems [...]

Blog post submitted by Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary Mould testing is the most crucial step in identifying and addressing mould problems in your home or business. Mould [...]

Mould is incredibly toxic for our health and must be dealt with promptly and effectively. However, traditional mould removal can take weeks to complete. It is also very [...]

Both asbestos and mould can lead to serious health effects when breathed in. Knowing the signs of mould or when to check for asbestos will keep your home [...]

 Blog submitted by Enviro Fog Solutions in Calgary Everyone knows that mold in our living environments does not go down with a fight. We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t [...]

Blog submitted by Enviro Fog Solutions in Calgary Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Mold information on the internet can be complicated, and quite frankly, really misleading. Here are the [...]