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VE Stone Ltd. is based in Surrey and has a positive reputation across the Lower Mainland. Their reputation, over the years, has grown from their exceptional service, expertise, [...]

New countertops can transform any room, especially bathrooms or kitchens. When installing new countertops, you’ll be faced with several material options. And one of the most popular of [...]

There are many reasons to choose quartz for new countertops in home renovations and newly constructed homes. First things first, it is important to find a trustworthy company [...]

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing kitchen or bathroom or developing a basement, choosing a suitable countertop is a big decision. No matter what material [...]

If you’re looking for a custom stone countertop for your kitchen or bathroom spaces, look no further! VE Stone fabricates their countertops on-site in order to tailor-make it [...]

Whether you’re renovating the kitchen or bathroom or would like to include some custom natural stone work in other rooms of the house, choosing materials like quartz and [...]