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Solar panels are an investment in your home’s value, your carbon footprint, and our planet’s health. Essentially, there are many advantageous reasons to switch to solar! Toronto homeowners [...]

Did you know Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada? With nearly 2,400 hours of sunlight each year, Calgary home and business owners can harvest this renewable and [...]

Firefly Solar offers leading solar solutions for Toronto homeowners and businesses. They are committed to a seamless customer experience and a meticulous installation process. Firefly Solar finds the [...]

Despite the conception that Vancouver is often cloudy and rainy with minimal sunshine, it’s actually a very suitable location for solar panel power. Vancouver home and business owners [...]

With so many benefits, it is no wonder many homeowners in Burnaby are switching to solar power. After the switch, homeowners receive benefits like decreased bills, a decreased [...]

Solar panels are a wise investment. They can significantly impact different parts of a home, and homeowners will see a return on their investment. Solar panel installations in [...]

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable resource available to us. And unlike nonrenewable resources like oil and gas, solar is also a net-zero resource. Plus, solar energy [...]

Blog submitted by Zeno Renewables in Edmonton Today, many Alberta homeowners are switching their gas-powered vehicles with electric-powered vehicles. Although you can power your electric vehicle in any [...]

Whenever it comes to any home improvement or home maintenance projects, it’s best to contact the professionals early. Doing so has many advantages! For example, booking these appointments [...]

Blog post submitted by Zeno Renewables in Edmonton Solar panel energy is a top-rated renewable energy source with many benefits. It is a clean and renewable energy source [...]