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While stucco is a long-lasting and durable exterior siding choice, it will sustain damage over time. Stucco damage is often caused by weather, age, and birds (specifically woodpeckers). [...]

  The material you choose to clad your home in is essential. That cladding or siding protects your house from moisture and the everchanging elements. Plus, it will [...]

This blog was submitted by Dynamic Stucco Repair and Painting in Calgary. Cement stucco is a common building material in many construction projects today. It is widely appreciated for [...]

Stucco Can Be Painted! Because of the poor and incorrect paint used to paint stucco in the past and the bad results seen after a couple of years, [...]

Blog submitted by Moreno Stucco & Wire Ltd. in Edmonton When done correctly by experienced stucco contractors in Edmonton, it’s one of the best siding choices. EIFS stands [...]

Stucco has been around for a long time and is a popular choice for home exteriors. That said, you don’t want your stucco to look outdated, which is [...]

Whether considering buying a home with a stucco exterior or thinking about re-siding, there are several reasons to choose stucco. Stucco is an easily recognizable siding option that [...]

  A lot of work and coordination goes into a successful exterior renovation. Having a project manager there to oversee every aspect is a huge asset. If your [...]

Your building’s exterior plays an integral role in protecting your home or business from moisture, cold, heat, and anything else Mother Nature has in store. If you’re considering [...]

Stucco is a strong, durable, and attractive cladding option with many benefits. It can boost curb appeal, resale value and improve energy efficiency while offering strong protection for [...]