Changing the furnace filter

See the difference between a dirty and clean furnace filter?

If you’re a first-time homeowner, there are a lot of things to learn when it comes to properly maintaining your home. Committing to regular maintenance of your mechanical systems will help prevent costly repairs, improve energy efficiency and help your home maintain its value. Cross Country Mechanical in Edmonton shares more about the importance of changing the furnace’s filter:

Why change the furnace filter?

It might seem like a small job but changing your furnace filter regularly can greatly improve your Edmonton HVAC system’s performance and even help extend your furnace’s life. A furnace filter helps keep dust, debris and other allergens out of your HVAC system. That means it can keep pollutants from blowing into living spaces.

If your furnace filter is dirty and clogged, it will also force your furnace to work a lot harder to heat your home than it has to, resulting in Edmonton furnace repair and even an untimely HVAC system replacement. To keep your furnace running it’s best, be sure to swap out the filter every 3-4 months.

How to replace the furnace filter:

The first step of this job is finding out what kind of filter your furnace uses. Turn off the furnace, remove the existing filter and look for the filter size that will be printed on the cardboard. Make sure to put the filter back in the way you took it out and turn the furnace back on while you go shopping.

You should investigate the filter’s rating before you purchase it. Furnace filters are rated using the minimum energy efficiency reporting value (MERV) and range from 1 to 16. The more particles they can filter, the higher the rating. Higher rated filters will keep out more dust, but can also restrict airflow too, making your furnace work harder and less efficient and can even cause things to break down. Check with your Edmonton HVAC company about your furnace’s manufacture’s recommendations and get a filter that has the appropriate rating.

Most building supply or hardware stores will carry the filter you need, but you can always connect with Edmonton HVAC companies if you can’t find it at the store.

Once you have the correct replacement filter and are ready to replace the old one, check the markers that will be right on the new filter. These markers will show you which side of the filter should face the furnace and how it needs to be put in. Slide it into place and replace the cover if you had to remove one to access the filter. Put a record of the date in your phone or on a calendar so you know when to replace the filter again.

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