Renovating a character home: what to keep and what to change

Buying an older home comes with a certain amount of charm and character that can’t be replicated any other way. While some renovations are likely still in order, like updates or new appliances, not everything needs to be changed.

Remi’s Reno Team in Edmonton is a professional renovations company. They share some heritage and character home renovation tips for what to keep or what to change:

Keep: the layout

There’s a popular saying to refer to a home as having “good bones.” In the case of an older home, that’s easily the case and is a great feature to leave alone. Many older homes tend to prioritize flow between key spaces in the house. While the modern idea connects the living room to the kitchen, old homes connect the main entrance, living room, kitchen, and back entrance. That design opens up the house in a unique way that is easy to decorate with modern elements but without taking away from the original charm.

Keep: original wood and flooring

Original and beautifully crafted woodwork is a common addition in many older homes. Window frames, baseboards, and even door accents all have detailed if not dramatic wood accents. If it’s in good condition, there’s no reason to tear it out when the wood can be saved and incorporated into modern décor. Even a subtle touch of classic history like that will give your home a valuable and unique boost over newer houses.

Floors are another area of the house that should be saved if possible. While modern homeowners may pay more for original hardwood or imported wood species, your old home already has that flooring. If you can’t salvage all parts of the floor, then work around the parts that can. Use those pieces as edge accents around tiles or as trim around the edges of the room. Incorporating old with new, creates the perfect balance and benefits between two styles and materials.

If the wood in the home is worn, you can have it refinished. That way, you can keep the character and warmth, but completely rejuvenate it so it looks brand new.

Change: the old plumbing and electrical

There’s nothing charming about a burst pipe or flickering lights from outdated plumbing and electrical systems. Updating these two parts of the home is an investment that will be well worthwhile and add major value. You can choose low-flow faucets, energy-efficient appliances, and should upgrade the electrical panel if it isn’t to recent code. Most older homes don’t have the same power capacity that modern homes do, which will cause problems like tripping breakers and electrical overloading. Always leave any plumbing and rewiring to a professional.

Change: old windows or missing rooms

Old windows can go either way, depending on their current state. Single-pane windows should be replaced with double- or even triple-pane glass to immediately benefit from higher energy efficiency. That said, if the problem is fixable and the original windows can be kept, it may be worth considering. Otherwise, if you love the window’s style or look, find a window manufacturer that can create a new window that mimics the old. That way, you can enjoy the old charm but benefit from modern savings. Another element to change is if there are missing rooms, like no master bathroom or dining room. Talk with a professional to figure out a way to design the new addition to transition well with the old look.

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