Charges Laid Against Calgary Renovation Company

Bruce Hopkins
Bruce Hopkins & The Remodelers face 180 charges from Service Alberta.

Global News reports that Bruce Hopkins and his renovation company called The Remodelers, was previously accused of taking customers money and not completing renovation work.  Hopkins and the Calgary-based company now face 180 charges under Alberta’s Fair Trading Act.

This story came out over a year ago when over two dozen home owners complained that they gave The Remodelers deposits for major renovation projects and that these projects were never finished.   Hopkins and his company have now been charged with operating without a proper license, misleading consumers and failing to provide refunds for work not finished.

This goes to show that you can’t always detect a ‘bad company’ without the help of an accreditation company like RenovationFind.  For many years The Remodelers was a very popular and successful company.  In fact, they had their own reality television show called “Remodel It!” that aired on CTV.  In the television show, Bruce Hopkins and his team did high end renovations for high profile consumers, including professional athletes and other celebrities.  In the television show, the company and Hopkins were portrayed as friendly and trustworthy and they did impressive work.  This goes to show how easily consumers can be misled and taken advantage of.

Global News’ Consumer Report showed that 22 home owners lost $5 million in losses.  If found guilty of the charges, Hopkins could spend two years in jail or a substantial fine.  The company filed for bankruptcy about a year ago.  It’s unlikely that any of these wronged consumers will ever see their money again and they will have to finish the projects at their own cost.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!  By choosing a contractor or renovation company on, you can be sure they’ve been through comprehensive background checks.  These checks include full legal and financial checks, ensuring the company doesn’t have a track record of bad credit, pending bankruptcy, that they’ve been sued before or anything else that raises a red flag.  You’ll know that they will have a proper business license and insurance as well as WBC coverage and in many cases, a membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

RenovationFind aims to revolutionize the renovation industry.  To help promote the good companies that provide quality products and services to homeowners, and to make sure bad companies don’t get the opportunity to take advantage of consumers.  Find the best contractors here!

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