Checklist to care for your asphalt roof

Summer is here and that means that it’s time to give your roof a little TLC after such a long winter. Such maintenance will ensure your roof stays in top condition for the rest of the year—or until your next roof check!

Imperial Exteriors in Calgary specialize in professional residential roofing services. They share some spring checklist maintenance to help care for your asphalt roof:

Professional summer tune-up

First things first: call a professional to give your roof a tune-up! After a long winter protecting your home against the snow and cold, your roof may need some minor repairs. Benefit from a professional tune-up to give your roof a detailed check and fix any missing shingles, loose nails, or gaps in the seams. Do a tune-up early to help prevent those minor issues from developing into major, costly ones. It also ensures your roof is ready for the coming months, so all you have to do is keep up with basic maintenance.

Clear debris from the roof and gutters

Clogged gutters are an obvious risk for inviting unwanted damage, but so is leaving debris on the roof. Debris build-up creates a spot for water to gather and fester and result in mould or algae, which is damaging to your roof. Likewise, clogged gutters risk either water damage occurring or the weight damaging the fascia boards. Both can quickly develop into costly repairs, so take the time to clear away any debris and save money in the long run. Call in a professional as well to ensure any minor damage is caught and repaired quickly. It’s important to also be aware of any warning signs though that your roof is beyond repair and instead needs to be replaced.

Check the ventilation

Don’t just inspect the outside, take a look inside and check your attic ventilation. Proper ventilation plays just as important a role when ensuring the safety of your home and roof. Improper ventilation will cause asphalt shingles to age faster or even cause the wood structure to rot, especially if moisture becomes trapped inside. If you noticed ice dam build-ups over the winter, it’s a sign of heat trapped in the attic. Call in a professional to inspect and repair your ventilation system before anything worsens. Even if nothing seems to be wrong, have a professional do a routine check anyway. Preventative maintenance and inspections such as these are what help catch small problems early and maintain your home’s value and safety.

Roofers in Calgary

With over 20 years of experience in roofing services, Imperial Exteriors guarantees they are the company for you. Their highest priority is always providing superior service and experiences during every job. Whether you need repairs, re-roofing or new roofing, Imperial Exteriors has all the services you need.

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