Choose colours that increase the value of your home

Paint colours can affect how people feel and think, and homeowners can use this concept to their advantage when selling a home. When readying a home for sale, there are better colour options to choose from than others. Recent research has shown a link between specific colours in a home and an increase in what a buyer offers.

DreamArt Painting in Edmonton can help you increase your home’s resale value by choosing the right paint colours.

Living Rooms & Kitchens

When deciding what colour to style certain spaces like the kitchen and living room, it has been found that neutral colours are best. Potential homeowners want to be able to see a space that doesn’t show much personality. This helps them to more easily picture themselves and their items in the space. Bold colours in these rooms can be off-putting.


Bedrooms are meant to be a calming and cozy space and so the colour choice is an important one. Choosing richer or darker colours can help a person feel comfortable in the space. According to the above-mentioned article, these deeper colours can also have the effect of swaying potential buyers to a higher offer price. Be careful not to confuse deep warm colours with bright and boisterous ones. Ask your painter about what colours they often paint in bedrooms, and that can help you make your decision.


While dark and richer colours are better in a bedroom to invoke cozier feelings, the opposite is true in a bathroom. Lighter blue shades are more desirable and potential homebuyers might be interested in bathrooms with this shade. Think of light pastels and neutral tones like cream, light grey, and off-whites. Light blue bathrooms are also popular with home buyers and can help quicken a sale.

Avoid colours that are too bold

It has been found that colours that are too bright and bold can have a negative effect on potential homebuyers. Colours like bold red, bright turquoise or beaming yellow can cause a decrease in potential offer prices. While homeowners should always feel that they should decorate to their own personal style, it might be worthwhile to choose colours that appeal to a wider audience if you’re planning to sell.

Painters in Edmonton

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