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As an excellent building material, concrete has widespread use in construction. From foundations, walls, floors, sidewalks to countertops, it is universal in construction applications. Unfortunately, a downside to concrete is water and stress will result in damage that is hard to repair. Most repair methods have more in common with myth than science. There are a few partially effective methods, but these generally do not last. A long-lasting and more cost-effective solution is to use VokeStone to recover your concrete space.

VokeStone Crowns in Calgary is a professional concrete repairs company that utilizes its unique concrete solution. They share more about their VokeStone solution and why it’s the right choice for you:

What is VokeStone?

Concrete is stones of a workable size held together with glue made by mixing Portland cement and water. Concrete gives a strong combination that can be shaped into whatever form you want.

VokeStone is a conversion reaction that makes stone similar to sedimentary rocks such as slate. This human-made stone results in strong material more akin to natural stone than concrete. To protect concrete, VokeStone adheres itself to old concrete and stops water from penetrating the concrete.

Water migration is the primary damage mechanism of concrete, whether indoors or out. If water cannot freely go through concrete, damage due to salts or freeze-thaw cycles cannot occur. VokeStone chemically reacts within itself to completely adhere to any surface. Once installed, it provides a permanent cap that reduces water migration to a minimum, resisting salt and water damage.

What can it repair?

VokeStone can repair surfaces that need to be flat or up to 1.5° slope, such as floors or outdoor patios. Cracks and uneven surfaces are common repairs with concrete and will eventually need addressing. VokeStone knows that looks can be deceiving but regardless of existing surface profile, whether low spots, slopes, cracks, spalling, or holes, it always turns out with a floor profile independent of the starting condition.

The largest single reason why VokeStone will not do a job is if the site visit determines moving concrete. Almost all cases come down to uncontrolled subsurface water problems that must be fixed first. If not corrected, the damage to the repair will likely reoccur in the future. Regardless of how horrible it looks, virtually all the damage is repairable if the concrete is stable. VokeStone has fixed some terrible problems once the water problems were mitigated.

VokeStone is specifically designed to be an overlay on concrete floors to protect them against recurring damage. Salvaging floors avoids tearing out old concrete and leaving it in landfills. In some cases, such as slab on grade buildings like detached garages, it offers the only solution to avoid condemning the building. VokeStone can turn an unusable building into something useful. Crumbling or damaged concrete in garages, basements, or commercial areas can all be fixed with VokeStone. No matter the initial state, the final look will always be flat, water-resistant, and long-lasting.

VokeStone can go an extra distance by adding hot water heating to particular existing floor pads. VokeStone Crown’s process ensures that hydronic piping is placed near the top surface to maximize the benefit but deep enough to ensure heavy equipment will not disturb the piping.  It is not economical for every project, but some projects can benefit from this process.

What finishes can I get?

VokeStone does not give traditional concrete finishes and finish smoothness. The final finish depends mostly on the final grade of the product. Final grades of VokeStone of 1.5°of slope will have a natural tendency to anti-slip surfaces. However, flat floors will show a very fine ripple. The colour will only be a shade of gray as the chemical reaction determines the final color. Since we know where the water will flow, all surface water can be steered towards floor drains or outdoors. VokeStone Crowns can guarantee you get the right flooring solution for your home or business.

Long-lasting and value-boosting

VokeStone Crowns stands behind the fact that their overlays will last for hundreds of years and maintain value. Concrete with visible damage or that is worn-out takes away from the aesthetics and value of your home. Repairs and replacements can quickly and easily become costly undertakings that don’t always fit within a budget.

VokeStone is very dense compared to traditional concretes, and so it polishes very well. If a floor is worn, it can be ground and give the same durable surface properties as when it was poured. With VokeStone’s overlay, you get a cost-effective and long-lasting solution. The overlay restores your concrete, gives a new, clean look, and will last without worry.  Keeping your concrete looking aesthetic will, in turn, keep your home’s value up.

Concrete Repairs in Calgary

If you have concrete problems, then VokeStone Crowns has the solution. Their professionals provide turnkey services, so you get complete peace of mind. From start to finish, they guarantee quality, professionalism, and results that last. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, they are ready and able to help.

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