Choosing a floor plan when planning a kitchen renovation

Planning a kitchen renovation is an exciting venture, but there are a lot of details to think about. From choosing cabinets and countertops to flooring and backsplash, the details can seem endless. You should also consider whether or not a different layout would better suit your needs. With a range of kitchen layout options, you could change things up and make your kitchen more functional and attractive.

MOD Kitchens in Edmonton shares three types of floor plans homeowners should think about when planning a kitchen renovation:

Galley Layout

A galley kitchen layout is very distinctive. It’s easily recognizable thanks to the walkway, which runs between cabinets and appliances on each side. This style of layout is a great option when working with a smaller-sized space. Galley kitchens typically function well for a solitary cook and can become crowded with more than one person inside. Due to the smaller floor plan, it’s essential to maximize the efficiency of the rest of the kitchen layout. Try to plan counter space which functions well with cabinets that optimize storage space.

A galley kitchen might also be well-suited if the space allows for a larger or more opening dining area. Having this gathering space might be a priority, and a galley kitchen can help make that happen.

L-Shaped Layout

This type of kitchen layout is common and in many different styles of homes. It is a popular choice due to the flexibility it offers homeowners in utilizing the centre space. Plus, an L-shaped kitchen allows for long countertops and additional cabinetry along two walls. Depending on the square footage, homeowners can either choose between placing an island or even a dining table in the middle. Choosing to install an island gives more storage space and more prep area for baking or cooking.

U-Shaped Layout

You can tell when someone is serious about working in the kitchen when they have a u-shaped layout. This is the preferred layout for chefs, thanks to the amount of counter space for prep work. Depending on how the main floor design, this layout still allows for interaction between rooms. This type of layout can feel very open depending on how you design the cabinets. Too many cabinets can make the kitchen feel closed in, so smart design is vital. A happy balance of not having cabinets over top of each counter section, or using open shelving in some areas, can make the space feel airier and open. Get more ideas for kitchen floorplans.

Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

Mod Kitchens is a unique custom kitchen dealership serving Edmonton and surrounding areas. They can help you with every aspect of your kitchen renovation, or simply supply you with new cabinets. They offer a wide array of products, professional advice, and installation services that can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Learn more and contact MOD Kitchens today.

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