Choosing a stylish front entry door

Deciding on the style of your front entry door is one of the decisions you’ll have to make when replacing your old one. As one of the first things people see when visiting your home, they can set the first impression and play a big role in curb appeal. When it’s time to upgrade your existing door, there are several different options available.

GreenFox Windows and Doors in Edmonton share information to help narrow down your selection with a few popular front entry door styles.

Traditional is a timeless choice

Typically available in wood, metal, and fiberglass, a traditional style door has a few elements which make them easily identified. Elements like surrounding sidelights keep traditional doors in style, while other features like columns give a look of sophistication. A traditional style door is a great option for just about any type of house and can improve curb appeal.

Modern is eye-catching

Modern style front doors typically have geometric details, clean lines, and large glass panels. This glass allows extra sunlight in your entryway but also increases the sightlines in your home. This is easily remedied with frosted glass, but it’s something to consider. A modern door is an eye-catching style choice and one that will make your home stand out.

Craftsman is a popular choice

Easily recognizable with a pane of glass towards the top of the door, the craftsman style remains a popular choice. Craftsman doors usually feature straight lines, raised panels, and can complement the shaker look. Some homeowners make the craftsman-style front entry door stand out even further by choosing a bold colour for the door.

Rustic is perfect for a country home

If your home features wood, stone, or a brick exterior, going with a rustic style can help enhance your home’s curb appeal. Many people choose a rustic style door for their country homes or recreational cottages. This style can be easily recognized with a wood-paneled look, either arched or rectangular. Rustic doors also typically have a thicker look to them, which complements oversized doorknobs and locks. Learn more about entry door types and styles. 

Doors in Edmonton

GreenFox Windows and Doors offers highly efficient windows and doors to Edmonton and surrounding areas. They carry a selection of high-quality exterior doors in many unique styles and colours. Whether it’s for your entry door, patio door, or storm doors, they can help with any residential exterior door installation.

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