Choosing an Exterior Paint Colour

When painting your home’s exterior, you want a paint colour that compliments the style of your home. Benjamin Moore Pinnacle South in Edmonton offers a wide variety of paint products that can improve your home’s curb appeal. They offer some tips for choosing the best exterior paint colour to boost curb appeal, resale value, and enjoyment of your home. 

Contrasting colours

Whether it be the siding and the door, or the siding and the trim, there are many ways to make your home stand out with the right colours. Combining darker and lighter colours for certain features of the home provides an eye-catching contrast. For example, white trim with a darker siding can help your home appear clean, crisp, and highlight each feature on its own. Or, a neutral coloured home with a boldly painted front entry door can make a real statement. Contrasting colours are trendy, are a great way to boost curb appeal, and add vibrant interest to your home’s exterior. 

Neighborhood schemes

Another way to choose exterior paint is to look at the homes around your neighborhood. If your neighborhood has lots of homes with light-coloured siding, it may be a good idea to stick to the scheme and choose a light colour. In some neighbourhoods, there are architectural guidelines that must be followed when upgrading your home’s exterior.

Also, if the home’s in your neighborhood are a certain style, it may be worth exploring what colour schemes work best with that style. For example, homes that are more colonial may be painted with lighter colours, while brick houses may have darker undertones. 

Follow the light

Depending on the location of your house or the surrounding landscaping, sunlight may hit the exterior in a different way. If your home is in a shadier location, it may be best to avoid darker colours. When it comes to a lighter area, choosing a colour that’s more neutral than light is a good idea, because your house won’t be too bright, and can still have some depth to it. The direction of the sunlight doesn’t have to dictate your colour choice, but it can help you choose what will make your house stand out in the way that’s right for you. The professionals at Benjamin Moore can help you choose an exterior paint colour that will give the tone you want depending on the how the sunlight shines on your house. 

Paint & Supplies in Edmonton

Benjamin Moore Pinnacle South provides only the best products for your interior and exterior painting projects, from decks and fences to the walls inside your home. They ensure that you get the product that works best for your budget while accomplishing the goal you set for your painting project. They’re experts when it comes to painting products and supplies. They can provide advise on colour choice, paint types, techniques, and even what tools work best for your specific project. 

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