Choosing between double and triple-pane windows

Updating the windows in your home could be an easy decision, but there are important details to consider. It’s not uncommon for older homes to have single-paned windows. Choosing between double and triple pane replacement windows is something a homeowner should think about. Deciding between the two can come down to a decision to see your home’s energy efficiency increase. Increased energy efficiency can help lower your energy bills and help keep your home at a comfortable level during extreme temperatures.

GreenFox Windows and Doors in Calgary share more information about double and triple-paned windows.

Double Paned Windows

Energy efficiency increased with double-paned windows and is now the standard for new homes and replacements. The gap between the panes of glass is typically either filled with air or gas. The gas used is most likely argon, krypton, or xenon, known for their ability to resist energy transfer. This helps to reduce the amount of heat lost from home and the amount of heat absorbed from the outside on hot days. These are great things to help your home with its energy efficiency in both winter and summer. You’ll see savings on your heating and cooling bills over time.

Triple Paned Windows

Obviously, with triple-paned windows, there is even less heat transfer and absorption thanks to the extra layer of glass and insulating gas. While there’s still gas used between the panes, it’s more than likely to be argon. While triple-paned windows can be a larger investment, over 25% of energy loss in a home comes from a loss in heat retention. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially when living in a climate with extreme weather like Calgary has. The frigid temperatures experienced during winters and the extreme heat recently seen won’t have as large an effect on your home. Triple pane windows help keep extreme weather outside where it belongs and your home at a comfortable temperature without straining your HVAC system.

Choosing windows for your home

Both double and triple-paned windows can help your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you’re upgrading from a single-pane, the energy efficiency will help your wallet and help cut down on stress placed on your furnace and air conditioner. For a little extra cost, go for the triple pane and maximize your window’s efficiency. Whatever you decide, Greenfox Windows and Doors can help you find a window replacement that will improve efficiency, curb appeal, and value for your home.

Windows in Calgary

GreenFox Windows and Doors bring their customers world-class products to help increase energy and thermal efficiency. With a lifetime warranty on products and a 25-year workmanship warranty, customers will have peace of mind with their new window investment. Let GreenFox help improve your home, your energy costs, and your comfort level.

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