Choosing flooring for your bathroom renovation

A bathroom renovation is a great investment. It can improve lifestyle, functionality, and even your home’s overall property value. When renovating the bathroom, it’s essential to choose the right type of flooring. From G & G Diamond Construction in Vancouver, here are some of the best flooring options for your next bathroom renovation. 


Tile is probably what many homeowners think of first when it comes to bathrooms, and for good reason. It’s waterproof when installed properly, durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. It is also very versatile in style and design. It also can mimic the look of other flooring textiles, like hardwood. While tile may be a colder option for bathroom floors, they work great alongside the heating flooring system. Tile is one of the best flooring options for the bathroom. G & G Diamond Construction can help you choose a tile that suits your bathroom design and personal taste.


Vinyl flooring, particularly luxury vinyl plank and tile, has been growing in popularity over the years. Many homeowners are drawn to its water resistance, durability, affordability, and easy installation process. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and designs. Vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring will mimic the look of natural tile or wood flooring, without the higher price tag. G & G Diamond Construction ensures that your flooring is installed properly and that your vinyl will last for many years to come. 

Engineered hardwood

If you have hardwood throughout your home, and are looking to continue it into the bathroom, engineered hardwood is your best option. Compared to solid hardwood, engineered hardwood has a multi-layered core and is a little more robust. It holds up to moisture and spills better, but still isn’t as good as tile or vinyl. While it can look great, it might not be the top choice for families with children who spend a lot of time splashing in the tub! Even though it’s a bit more water-resistant than real hardwood, it can be damaged by water sitting on the floor. 

Custom millwork to complete the look

If you’re renovating the bathroom, consider custom millwork from G & G Construction as well. Trim, baseboards, crown mouldings, and other custom pieces can really complete the look of your new bathroom. They can also offer cabinetry, shelving, and custom storage. Reach out to explain your ideas and they’ll create a plan for your space.

Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver

G & G Diamond Construction is an experienced and trustworthy contracting company that offers excellent work and customer service. From custom woodwork doors, trims, crown mouldings, baseboards, and wood flooring installs, they can do it all. Contact G & G Diamond construction today, and get custom products at competitive prices. 

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