Choosing Paint Colours for Your Home

Giving your home an interior paint job is probably the simplest way to give your home a completely new look. A fresh coat of paint can modernize a space, set the mood and it helps to protect the walls too. Many homeowners find choosing the perfect paint colour for each room a challenge. Allcity Painting in Vancouver shares some tips on choosing paint colours:

Decide on the way you want the room to feel.

Not only will a paint colour determine how the room looks, it will determine how the room feels. Here are some colour ideas:

For a soothing and calming feeling, choose lighter shades of blue, green, lavender and soft yellows. These colours can give rooms like the bedroom and bathroom a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Home décor and other accents in the room, like your bedding or towels, can be a darker or lighter shade to give the room more texture.

For a bold and energetic feeling, choose colours like red, purple, orange and gold. Ask Allcity Painting about colours that will contrast with your main wall colour choice, so you can give the space vibrancy and really make it stand out.

For an open and elegant feeling, choose a neutral colour. That doesn’t mean you have to paint the room beige or white. Keep the colours light, but explore the wide range of greens, browns, rusts, creams and greys. Neutral, non-commanding colours and tones also allow you to quickly change the style of the room by swapping out accessories and furniture, and typically don’t go out of style. The lighter the paint shade, the larger the room will feel.

Don’t go bold if you want to sell.

If you’re in the process of selling your home or think you might sell it in the near future, don’t get too crazy with your colour choices. Choose a light neutral paint colour, like an off-white or light grey, for the walls. This will allow the potential buyer to imagine their own furniture and décor in the room, without having to deal with a bold paint colour they wouldn’t choose for themselves. A light colour is also easy to paint over, which gives them a blank canvas to make your home their own. Learn about paint colours that increase resale value.

Ask for professional advice.

If you feel completely overwhelmed by the colour wheel and your many options, don’t worry. Allcity Painting are colour design professionals that can help you choose the right colours, room by room, for your interior paint job. Before you commit to a colour, ask them for advice and for suggestions so you can consider all your options before the job starts. Enlisting the help of a professional painter will help ensure the end results are exactly what you hoped for.

Painters in Vancouver

Allcity Painting is a father-son team that caters to home owners, builders and renovators in the metro Vancouver area. Together they have nearly 50 years of combined experience painting single family homes, condos, retail stores, and offices. Whether the project is a new home, a renovation, or a repaint, they expertly exceed the expectations of their customers.

Their strengths are in producing quality finishes, providing superior customer service, and producing maximum value for money spent.

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