Choosing the Best Home Security System

Edmonton is currently facing its fifth-straight year of increased crime rates, leaving many residents more concerned for the safety of their families. Many homes have relied on only deadbolts and window locks to keep would-be intruders out, but this is starting to seem more and more irresponsible in light of recent statistics:


Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database that provides statistics from self-reported consumer prices, crime rates, and more. Using data from various local crime statistics, two composite-scores, named Crime Index and Safety Index, are calculated. These Indexes are measured on a scale of one to one-hundred, with higher scores denoting higher crime rates.

Of the thirteen categories used to determine Edmonton’s Crime Index, only one (worries [of] being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin or religion) was scored as “Very Low”.

While six other categories maintained a “Low” rating, four were ranked “Moderate” and two were ranked “High”. Taking a look at the worst offenders, it’s clear that there’s a relationship between them.

The three numbers that stood out the most to me were the ones surrounding drug crimes and theft. Specifically, “…people using or dealing drugs,” …property crimes such as vandalism and theft,” and “…violent crime concerning assault and armed robbery.”

Whenever an area sees an uptick in drug trade, theft-related crime follows suit. When addicts are unable to support their habits, they often begin the cycle of stealing and selling valuable items.

Because the biggest threat is property-related theft, now is a crucial time for Edmonton residents to reevaluate their home security. There are a number of options when it comes to alarm companies in Edmonton, which can be confusing to homeowners who just want a secure household for their families.

Let’s take a look at the various types of home security systems to find the best combinations of security and affordability for homeowners. According to Do It Yourself, an informational website directed at household projects, there are four types of home security systems:

The first is a “monitored system.” In this service, an alarm notifies a call center operator, who then notifies authorities of the alert. If physical safety is your greatest concern, having the police notified in real-time could play a significant role in saving your life.

That being said, a silent alarm alone won’t deter thieves from stealing valuables. If you want to stop an intruder in their tracks, the best option would be to look into deterrents (i.e. sound and light).

This brings us to the second type of home security, the “unmonitored system,” which uses a loud alarm and flashing lights to alert neighbors and scare off intruders. The first immediate benefit over the monitored system is that you don’t pay periodic fees, which for many people could be a deciding factor on upgrading their security system.

Of course, people who opt for unmonitored security systems should remember that the police are not notified directly, and must be called by either the homeowner or a neighbor who overhears the alarm.

The third security system in our list is a “wireless alarm system.” A benefit of this system is the hands-on control and access to various tools such as cameras, infrared sensors, and more. They are fairly easy and inexpensive to set up, and like unmonitored deterrent-based systems, don’t require monthly premiums.

This is a great choice for the more tech-savvy, as they can set up their own devices to receive notifications when they’re away. This can, however, become a hassle when it comes to maintenance and upkeep (batteries, cleaning, etc).

The last security system is the “electric current home alarm.” This system is only a realistic choice if your property is currently under construction. It relies on components throughout the building’s electrical system that can monitor actions such as windows and doors being opened.

While it would be great to have security built into your house, it sadly just isn’t financially feasible for most households to make that kind of renovation on an existing building. So what is the best choice when it comes to home security in Edmonton? I looked into the services offered in Edmonton to find the most safe and financially-reasonable home security systems, and found a few residential home security services:

Liberty Security

Liberty Security offers a few services that range from “Advanced Voice Security” to “Full Home Automation.” If you want to control your home the way you do in The Sims, the latter is a good suggestion, as it allows you to control every aspect of your house, from the garage door to the blender.

If you’re looking to deter theft and protect your house, the basic package looks good. It features window and door sensors, wireless keys (key fobs), a touchscreen keypad, and various smoke and gas detectors.


If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, Telsco offers a “Home Security Alarm System” for $199.00, which includes a touchscreen panel, three door contacts and an image sensor. Customers can also use Telsco’s mobile app, Telsco Connect, to monitor and control the alarm system on the go.

Whether you have no advanced alarm system, or are just looking to upgrade to something more modern, it’s a responsible and worthwhile purchase that could save you, your family, and your possessions in the future. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go activate my blender from across town!


This article was written by Jon Reyes from Clearwells. He has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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