Choosing the best landscape design theme for your yard

Having the right “theme” is often used to refer to indoor renovations or making changes to the design of a room. So, it’s easy to forget that having a theme also applies to the outdoors, particularly with landscaping. Having one is like a guideline to your outdoor designs and plans, so the right idea is essential.

The Calvary Construction Group in Vancouver are a dedicated and experienced landscaping company. They share the importance of the right landscape theme and how to choose one:

Importance of having a landscape theme

As landscape design and theme go hand-in-hand – you can’t have one without the other. Before you can really design your yard, it’s important to know what style or personality you want. Think of the theme as what the main focus of your garden will be. For example, will it be an edible garden, a flowery place to entertain or a Zen oasis? Once you know that, you can get down to the specifics such as plants, layout and design. Need some more visual inspiration and ideas? Look at these landscaping ideas to kickstart your creativity.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean themed yards are quite popular, because you get the best of many different combinations. Hard landscape will be a big factor, so plan for lots of winding pathways and paving stones. Along these paths, add small retaining walls with plenty of plants and shrubs with lots of colour. Of course, a Mediterranean yard wouldn’t be complete without a pergola. If you love to entertain or just enjoy being outdoors, pergolas are a perfect addition. They’ll provide shade, an outdoor living space, and they can be paired with growing plants such as grapevines.

Classic European 

European landscapes are an elegant theme that focuses on shapes, lines and focal features. It is also a very green landscape, but still with splashes of colours. For the plants, plan for lots of shaped hedges and colourful bushes. Paved stone pathways will typically lead to one of the focal features placed throughout your yard. For example, a private sitting area or a water feature is a popular European feature addition. Or, for a more prominent water display, build a small pond with a little waterfall included.

Zen garden

If you prefer to relax quietly outdoors or want a peaceful yard to gaze upon, then you can’t go wrong with a Zen garden. The overall theme of these landscapes is to promote a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. It’s also an ideal yard if you prefer more hardscape design, with less lawn care and more plants and rocky terrain. Adding a pergola will also give you that private seating space to relax. Surround the pergola area with potted plants, small water features and a mini rock garden to complete the Zen atmosphere.

Landscapers in Vancouver and Landscape Design in Vancouver

The Calvary Construction Group are dedicated and experienced in transforming landscapes into dreamscapes. With over 20 years of experience, they have the skills and knowledge to provide the exact transformation that you want. They pride themselves in going above and beyond in their work so that their customers are never left disappointed. The Calvary Construction Group can create outdoor living, water features, decks and everything in-between.

Ready to transform your yard? Contact The Calvary Construction Group today.

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