Choosing the best materials for your bathroom renovation

Planning is critical for the final details of your bathroom, like the tiles or colours. Having a clear vision will help when it comes to getting the perfect bathroom layout and maximizing value. It’ll also ensure that you stay on budget and game plan.

Hamin Development Inc. in Vancouver is a professional general contracting company that specializes in home renovations. They can help with your kitchen, bathroom, or whole-house renovation. They share some tips when it comes to choosing the best materials for your next bathroom renovation:

Neutral tile

Tile flooring is an excellent choice for any bathroom and a look that will complement any design and layout. With tile, you won’t have to worry about water damage and slippery flooring, and it can be paired with underfloor heating. You also get a wide range of surface choices like natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and different patterns. However, the one thing you want to avoid is choosing any colourful tiles. That will draw attention down instead of around the room. So instead, choose a neutral-coloured flooring, then leave the colours on the walls or shower tiles.

Granite or quartz countertops

Bathroom countertops need to do more than just look good in your bathroom; they also need to be durable. Hair products, soap, or hot curling irons can all create stains or cause damage to a lesser material. That’s why granite or quartz countertops are such a great choice as a robust and stylish option. It can easily stand up to stains and heat and isn’t easily worn or damaged, so it’s an excellent fit for any bathroom.

Efficient fixtures

No matter the type of bathroom, consider features that will help you reduce your water consumption while improving aesthetics. For the shower, rain shower heads feel like standing under a waterfall which offers a calming experience. Arching faucets for the sink add a sense of elegance, and a floating sink adds great visual interest. With efficient options, like low-flow showerheads, you’ll also enjoy extra savings. You can spend more time enjoying your bathroom without spiking those water bills.

Colour through tiles

Backsplashes are the ribbons on a present when it comes to the final touches in your bathroom. It’s also the material to add a personal touch or dress up a basic bathroom. Glass tiles create a unique and attractive mosaic. At the same time, ceramic can be cut into interesting shapes. Blending materials is another way to create a unique look and add more character to your walls. To maximize the value and appearance, leave the tiling to a professional to ensure the final look is perfect.

General Contractors in Vancouver

Hamin Development has over 16 years of experience in the construction and renovation industry. They create spaces that find balance, beauty, and function. You’ll benefit from their excellent customer service, affordable prices and competitive quality. If you are embarking on a home renovation, Hamin Development will exceed your expectations.

Contact Hamin Development Inc. to start your home renovation!

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