Choosing the best roofing company for your home

Spring is the prime time to install a new roof on your home. When you hire roofing contractors, you want quality service and materials that will last for many years to come. How do you know which company is the one for you? Here are some things to look for in order to choose the best roofers, from Lanco Roofing in Edmonton.

Insurance company choices versus your own

When it comes to insurance, you might be unaware of is how many choices they have in the matter. Insurance companies may steer you towards a certain roofing company, but the final decision is ultimately yours. Researching different choices other than the ones the insurance companies push is a good thing to do. You may like the personable workers in one company, or find better warranties and workmanship in another. This isn’t to say all companies recommended by insurance companies are unsuitable. But take the first look on your own before getting started to see what different companies offer, and which you feel is right for you.

Reviews and references

Before choosing a company, it’s a good idea to see how customers have responded to the company’s work. Getting an idea of how the company operates from real clients will ensure the validity of the company and give you the confidence of knowing you’ve made the right choice. This can be done by asking the company for their previous few project references.

Desired materials

Different companies may specialize in different materials. Lanco Roofing specializes in cedar, as well as asphalt. Both have different benefactors that could add to your home. For example, asphalt roofs are known for their longevity and are a durable solution. Cedar roofs are timeless in style and eco-friendly. They are energy efficient and provide an extra layer of insulation for your home. Lanco Roofing would be a great choice for cedar roof installation as they are known for their experience with the material, and will yield great results. Finding a roofing company that will work for your needs is most important of all. Choose the right roofing material for you and go from there.

Roofers in Edmonton

Lanco Roofing is a company building on over 20 years of experience locally in asphalt and specializing in cedar. The company is made of third generation roofers, coming from a family-owned and operated business by Joel Lansard. They pride themselves in taking extra steps to protect customers’ property while working on any project and can tackle any project thrown at them. The roofers primarily work out of Spruce Grove, Parkland County, St. Albert, and Edmonton.

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