Choosing the perfect glass shower enclosure

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, adding a glass shower enclosure is a very valuable addition. It helps open up the space, allows the light to flow, and adds a focal point. The only consideration is how to choose the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom renovation. 

Glass Station in Port Coquitlam provides high-quality and professional glass services. Here they share some tips for choosing the perfect glass shower enclosure.

Think about budget

As with any renovation, start with figuring out your budget first. Are you just planning on changing the shower, or is this part of a full bathroom renovation? If it’s just the enclosure, think about how big or small it will be and how much labour is involved. There’s also the matter of whether you want a frame enclosure or not, which affects the glass thickness. All those factors will play into the cost. Still, a glass shower enclosure will add significant value and style to your bathroom, even on its own. So, if you choose just the enclosure, it’ll still add style, function, and value.

The design is key

Once you know you want a glass shower enclosure, it’s time to think about the design. To start, how much space do you have in your bathroom? Is it a master bathroom with lots of room and open space? Is it a narrow bathroom or a small area? The layout of your bathroom will help you choose and design a new enclosure that fits the footprint.

If your shower is recessed, maybe you just need a single glass panel for a partial enclosure. In that case, a frame design still adds an eye-catching look. Or you can have two sides with glass if it’s set against the wall. Other enclosures have more depth and are roomier, with glass on all three sides. You can discuss these details with Glass Station when designing the perfect shower enclosure for your project. 

Plan the details

Aside from a framed or frameless enclosure, a few more glass shower door style elements are involved. Do you want the glass to be clear or frosted? Will the enclosure open like a door, slide open, or will it be a walk-in option? With this, think about the natural flow and traffic in your bathroom. Is a swinging door style going to block a narrow bathroom, or would sliding be better?

The hardware and fixtures are something else to consider. Do you want a bronze or chrome handle that matches the showerhead? If the glass is clear, will you dress up the shower fixtures with colour or add a tiled wall? Take a look at what colours or patterns exist in the bathroom to help choose what to add. Of course, you can also always rely on your contractor for design help and considerations.

Shower Doors & Enclosures in Port Coquitlam

Glass Station has been providing quality and trustworthy glass services since 1996. Their team helps handle any type of project, whether residential or commercial, large or small. Their expertise can guide you in the right design direction to guarantee the best results for your shower enclosure, glass, and mirror needs. 

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