Choosing the right fence for your home

Do you live in a small urban house or a larger property in the city where space is no object?

The size and location of your home, the type of property, the climate, your aesthetic preferences, local regulations, and your budget will all influence the type of fence that you choose.

Following is a brief rundown of the best types of fence for your home – from natural wooden fences to the best man-made materials.

Each type of fence is suited to certain purposes, conditions, and budgets. Take a read and you will be better equipped to choose the right fence for your home.

Wood fencing: the versatile option

Wood fencing comes in a variety of materials and designs. This makes it very versatile for use in small yards right up to large estate properties. Wood can help you balance economical, design, and performance factors in almost all types of homes.

Choose the right wood and it will withstand the harsh climatic factors in this part of the world.

Beautifying a city home

For a city home, where the curbside appeal, security, and privacy are often major concerns, you should consider the following types of wooden fence:

Cedar fencing – cedar is aa beautiful, low-maintenance wood with natural oils to help prevent rotting and warping

Exotic hardwood – another visually stunning, durable and low-maintenance option, with excellent longevity

Stained or painted woods – by staining or painting an ordinary wood fence, you can prolong its life in the harsh climate

Pressure-treated woods – another type of fence using wood that is first treated to instill it with properties that are close to those that hardwoods offer.

If you have a large yard, cedar and hardwoods may be at the higher-end of your fencing budget but if you want the look and the excellent longevity they offer, it may be a good trade-off.

Wood has many competitors compared to in the past. However, it is still one of the best types of fencing when you require a good balance between beauty, security, durability, and affordability. 

Ornamental fencing: the elegant option

Looking to add a splash of style and elegance to your home?

There are few better ways to make a statement with fencing than to erect a traditional wrought iron fence around the outside of your home: 

These fences can feature classic finishes, with a sharp point at the end of each vertical slat. Alternatively, each slat may have an upward-pointed quad flare at the end. However, an elegant appearance is not the only benefit of ornamental fences for homeowners.

If you need a fence that’s going to last, few types of fence can match an ornamental fence. You don’t even need to do much to maintain it other than applying a coat of paint every couple of years.

This type of fence will offer good strength, durability, and security for years ahead. It will come at a higher price than most wooden fences but the good news is that, if traditional wrought iron is out of your budget, you can select an alternative material and still get many of the qualities you want.

Vinyl fencing: the environmental option

Vinyl fencing, perhaps surprisingly for many, is becoming the best environmental choice for homeowners. 

This type of fencing is made from 100 percent recycled materials and requires no staining, painting, or addition of other chemicals to keep the insects away.

Of course, vinyl has many other benefits for homeowners based in the city. In particular, it is very durable and resistant to rot, discoloration, and moisture, unlike some wooden fences. This makes the vinyl fence option very low maintenance. The most you will need to do is blast your fence with a water-based cleaner once a year.

The advances of technology have also provided more attractive options for vinyl fencing so that they can compete better with wood amongst homeowners.

Which type of fence is right for you?

Wood, ornamental iron, or vinyl?

You have more choices than ever. If you do your homework and select the right material, the right style, and the right professionals to install it, you will be able to admire your home’s new fence for years to come. 

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