Choosing the right garage builders

With the weather getting nicer, it’s the perfect time of year to tackle those home renovations that have been pushed aside. One project on the back burner may be the addition or updating of your garage. When it comes to any renovation, you want the best. Tay-Ky Developments in Calgary is a great choice for building or fixing your garage, and here’s why.

They make a plan and stick to it

Have a budget in mind? Not a problem! Staying on budget is important, and the workers at Tay-Ky keep that in mind when planning. For them, planning is the most important stage. It ensures that the project stays on track, and everyone has a record of what’s going to happen during the renovation process. With the planning stage, they also provide their advice about what they know will or won’t work. You want people with the necessary experience, and Tay-Ky brings that to the table. They will execute your plans and make your dream garage happen.

They have a wide range of materials

Something you want in any renovation is freedom of choice. At Tay-Ky Developments, they don’t limit what materials are available to you. They have developed relationships with many traders, vendors, and suppliers in order to ensure you get the best quality materials and designs out there. With the materials, they also have access to many talented designers in the industry. Not only can they help make your garage fit your vision, but they can offer advice on designs or materials that fit your needs.

They’re flexible

Tay-Ky Developments prides itself on being a small business. When working with any company, you want to know you’re a priority to the people you’re working with. Tay-Ky has great flexibility, and give your project the care it needs and deserves. They keep in contact with you during the process and make time to meet with you about any issues that may arise.

They’re safe and efficient

Now more than ever, health and safety is essential when having any work done in or near your home. Tay-Ky Developments is committed to public health guidelines, and are doing everything they can to keep you, your family, and their employees safe. They practice proper sanitization, social distancing, and wear masks on the job to ensure everyone’s safety during the project.

Garage Builders in Calgary

Tay-Ky Developments knows how difficult renovations can be. They work to ensure that your renovation process goes as smoothly as possible. With their quality materials, team, and safe practices, Tay-Ky is a great choice for your garage or basement renovations.

For more information, contact Tay-Ky Developments today!

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