Choosing the Right Garage Door Company

A new garage door is a great investment. According to this report, a new garage door replacement has the best ROI compared to other home renovations. While a garage door can increase resale value and put money back in your pocket, a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t choose the right garage door company.

Creative Door in Edmonton and Calgary shares tips for choosing the right garage door company:

Check their reputation.

Online reviews can give you a very general idea about a garage door dealer but shouldn’t be your only source. Some reviews can be skewed, so you want to actually speak to customers of that company. Ask the garage door company to provide references, then call up their previous clients. Ask questions about the product, customer service, installation and if they would choose that dealer again.

Hire a company with experience.

Creative Door has been in the garage door business since 1969. Would you rather hire a company with 50 years experience or one with 2 or 3 years? Like all home improvement companies, you want to make sure that the company you hire has been in business for a while. It shows that they’re good at what they do and that they have good business practices proven by their longevity. You don’t want to hire a company only to have them go out of business, leaving your with no warranty on your garage door.

That experience will really help you. They’ll know what types of doors are best for your climate, house type, personal design preferences and budget. They can quickly troubleshoot any issues and will have extensive knowledge of installation and repair too.

Make sure they have proper insurance.

Ask the garage door company if they have both liability insurance and WCB coverage. It’s within your rights to ask to see proof of insurance. If they refuse or don’t have it, don’t hire them. A reputable company will be fully insured. This protects you, your home and them from any accidents or damage.

Choose a company with accreditation.

Creative Door operates under strict standards, which means you’ll always get high-quality products, services and customer experiences. Before you hire a company, check for third party accreditation. Like Creative Door, they should be members of associations the Better Business Bureau, Canadian Door Institute, Canadian Home Builders’ Association, International Door Association or others. You want to make sure they’re being held accountable and maintaining high standards.

Garage Doors in Edmonton and Calgary

Finding your perfect garage door and keeping it in tip-top shape—that’s Creative Door’s top priority. They begin with masterfully installing your door and ensuring every mechanism works perfectly from the start, but they don’t stop there. Year after year, they keep on delivering with smart maintenance packages, skillful repairs, and part replacements.

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