Choosing the right garage door opener

Having a working garage door is crucial to keeping your garage secure and your vehicle safe. A broken garage opener is a safety risk just as much as an outdated one. That’s why updating your opener and choosing the right one when you do is an essential step in garage maintenance.

The Garage Door Depot of Greater Vancouver in Vancouver is a professional garage door, opener and repair company. They share how to choose the suitable garage door opener to keep yourself and your garage safe:

Belt drive garage opener

This type of opener uses a belt to drive the trolley that opens the garage door. These types of openers tend to work much quieter than other models and run much smoother. If your home has living space above the garage or adjacent to it, this opener is a great choice. It also comes with less maintenance, fewer moving parts involved in the opener and no chains that need lubricating. A final benefit is the ease of availability of these openers and an easy installation by a professional. It’s an excellent investment if you want a quick, easy-to-maintain opener.

Chain drive garage opener

Like belt drive openers, the chain drive functions similarly but with a chain pull. The main benefit of a chain drive opener is the added strength it provides over a belt. A chain opener is a must for heavier garage doors or double doors. It can easily handle the weight without slipping or struggling and wearing out prematurely. However, a consideration is that chain openers are noisier and require more maintenance to keep the chain properly lubricated. A chain opener is a great choice if you have a detached garage and get a professional to do routine maintenance checks. Take a look at these stylish garage doors to pair with your new chain drive opener.

Direct drive garage opener

Unlike other types of openers, this opener has a stationary chain with a motor that runs along the chain. Other openers have a moving chain and stationary motor; this direct drive has its benefits. For example, similar to a belt opener it is extremely quiet. So whether you work early in the morning or return home late at night, your garage door won’t disturb any sleeping family or neighbours. Safety-wise, direct-drive openers have excellent safety features that can sense objects and will reverse the door if needed. While these types of openers are more expensive than other openers, it’s a type of opener that will have a great ROI, improved function, and are long-lasting. 

Garage Doors & Openers in Vancouver

The Garage Door Depot of Greater Vancouver prides itself on being a one-stop destination for all garage door needs. Whether you need help choosing a garage door, installing the perfect opener, or helping with repairs, their team can help. Let them add curb appeal, function, security, and value to your home with a new garage door and opener. 

Contact The Garage Door Depot of Greater Vancouver today!

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