Choosing the right water feature for your yard

From ponds or streams to waterfalls and fountains, there are many possibilities to choose from for a new water feature in your backyard. Water features are undeniably beautiful and can create a rejuvenating oasis right at home, but it’s important to choose the right fit for your life and yard.

Lawn ‘N’ Order in Winnipeg is a professional, full-service landscaping company. They share some tips to help choose the right water feature to add to your home and yard:

Start with space and size

Before you settle on a new water feature, first start with checking what space is available in your yard. Is there a lot of open space, or does an existing patio take up room already? Do you have a generally flat yard, or is it sloped? Once you know the layout your yard has to offer, think about what size of feature you want. Is it a small pond, a large fountain, or individual container water gardens? The shape and design of your yard will play a role in what feature will work. You also want to have enough room for your water feature, while still being able to move about your yard.

Budget for installation and maintenance 

Planning a budget is an important step, so you don’t get carried away by focusing on visuals alone. Differently sized water features or the amount of labour involved will all affect the final cost. To help with the decision, hire a professional landscaper to come and assess your yard. They’ll be able to suggest what designs will work best and then help with price ranges for that new feature.

Part of your budget should also include future maintenance costs and upkeep. Do you plan to care for your water feature yourself, or will you hire a professional? Ponds will need to be cleaned regularly and cleared of dirt and debris, while any water-pumps will also need maintenance.

Plants or fish?

More prominent water features, such as ponds, have the option of adding koi fish to the feature. Koi are also low maintenance, making them easy to keep as both pets and as part of a feature. Other ponds, though, focus on having various plants, both in the water and out. Water lilies add visual aesthetics, while plants along the outside edges provide an attractive design. Either way, both additions are perfect complements to a pond, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

Why do you want a water feature?

Water features can help clean the air, relieve stress, and enhance the beauty of your yard and home. For those reasons alone, they are a popular addition in many yards. Besides the appeal and enhancement aesthetics of a water feature, why else do you want one? Is there a specific purpose or reason you have planned? There’s no wrong answer, but knowing why you want a feature will help narrow down the various types and designs.

Landscapers in Winnipeg

Whatever your landscaping needs or dreams, Lawn ‘N’ Order is the company to call. They provide top quality landscape designs, installation, and maintenance. Everything from patios, walkways, water features, and more, Lawn ‘N’ Order offers it all. They’ll ensure a stress-free process in return for a yard transformation that you’ll love.

Don’t hesitate to call Lawn ‘N’ Order today!

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