Choosing the right window style for your home architecture

Windows are an equally important part of both the exterior and interior of your home. This is not just for functional and practical reasons, but also when it comes to visual appeal. Whether you are building a new home or just installing new windows, you want a style that will complement the architecture of your home. Otherwise, the designs may clash, and it can affect the visual aesthetics of your house. That’s where companies like GreenFox Windows come in, who can provide both the windows and some tips for choosing the perfect match.

Casement and awning

Casement windows are perfect choices when it comes to lots of ventilation. They are built with side hinges so they open like a door, creating a wide opening to capture air flow. Because they are taller, they also allow plenty of natural lighting, making them a popular choice for a diverse range of architectures. Houses with sloped or steep roofs, or modern and bungalow homes are best paired with tall windows, such as casements, to help complement the shape of the house.

Awning windows are similar to casement windows in allowing plenty of air and lighting, and they also open with a crank. The difference is that they open from the bottom out and tend to be wider than taller. Their designs means they can be kept open even during rainy weather, making them a great choice for Calgary windows. They are also popular to pair with fixed windows as a ventilation solution. Houses that also compliment casement style windows, pair just as well with awning windows.

Bow and bay

These styles of windows are both versatile and easy pair with many different styles of homes. They provide lots of natural lighting, create a sense of spaciousness in a small room, or serve as a fixed window feature in any room. Bow windows are typically installed as fixed windows, however casement windows can be added to provide ventilation. While these windows can easily be matched to any home, the most popular choice is with Tudor styles homes. The complementary half-timber detailing on these homes is easily accentuated with the tall and narrow windows of bow and bay styles. There are also plenty of window treatment possibilities  to further customize the look.

Double and single hung

Double hung windows are popular choices among homes where you want to compliment the exterior design of a house to create a tall and grand appearance. Both double hung and single hung are the most popular and well known among window styles. They have a single or double sash that can open to allow ventilation. For houses where you want to accentuate the open feel and create a sense of height, then Cape Cod, Craftsman, or Federal homes are all excellent matches.

Tilt Slider

Slider windows open horizontally from side to side and have a screen built into the window opening as protection. As a benefit, the window can tilt into the room for ease of cleaning. With homes where you want width over height, slider windows are a great option. They offer plenty of lighting and excellent ventilation, and are popular choices when installing basement windows in Calgary. As the second most popular window choice, it is most commonly used to complement a more modern home architecture. This is particularly with styles that lean towards featuring large windows, lots of natural lighting and plenty of ventilation.

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